5 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Home

If you’re considering the possibility of buying a home, there are important things to think about before doing so. While there are no absolute rules about how or when you should purchase a home, it’s a good idea to make sure you are ready for homeownership. Here are five questions you should thoughtfully ask yourself […]

Bad Credit? 4 Things You Need to Know Before Applying for a Mortgage

Just because you have bad credit, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be approved when applying for a mortgage. But, there are a few things that you need to do to reduce the chances that you will run into financing issues when you are preparing to buy a home. If you are applying for a […]

3 Essential Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

When you are house hunting, it’s important to have questions to ask your real estate agent that provide insight and context about a potential home you are considering to purchase. Hastily purchasing a new home without doing any due diligence may lead to regrets. That’s where having questions to ask your real estate agent can […]

Closed on a Home… What’s Next?Maintenance List?

So, you’ve signed on the dotted line and bought yourself a home. Congratulations! Now that the deal is done, you may be asking yourself, now what? And to be honest, it’s a fair question. You probably already know some of the basics you should take care of right away: cleaning, locks replacement, update your mailing […]

Warning: Don’t Be Scammed by Real Estate Wire Fraud

The exciting moment is coming up: your offer was accepted, you’ve completed the inspection process, and now you are ready to close on your dream home! The final step is to sign the paperwork and transfer the payment for the purchase. The closing process can feel complicated if you aren’t familiar with the mortgage and […]

8 Steps to Improve Your Credit (and Qualify for a Mortgage)

Has your low credit score got you down because you feel like it is impossible to qualify for a mortgage? If you are dreaming of homeownership, don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut. There are simple things that can be done to improve your credit score, helping you take a step closer to owning […]

Options For Low and No Down Payment Loans

These days, a mortgage that requires low and no down payment loan  can be hard to find. They are typically only available to people who demonstrate they have the income to repay such loans and are a good credit risk. Depending on the lender (public or private), you’ll likely need a credit score of 620 or […]

Fed Rate Changes Affect the Real Estate Industry

The recent Fed meeting brought about a surprising change in the direction of interest rates and Fed rate changes affect the real estate industry. In other meetings, the decision was to maintain the same rates, or even to increase rates just a bit. But in the latest Fed meeting, they decided to drop interest rates. […]

Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Team Instead of a Solo Agent

For most families, buying a home is the biggest financial investment that will be made for the future. Are you protecting your investment by hiring the right real estate services when it is time to buy or sell a home by knowing the benefits of hiring a real estate team? It’s a good time to […]

Mortgage vs Rent : Making the Right Financial Decision for Your Family

Is there a right choice when it comes to the decision of mortgage vs rent : making the right financial decision? Financial decisions are important to care for the financial needs of your family. Not only do you need to think about your current income and cash flow, but it is also important to look […]