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duffy realty reviews

Frank and I are humbled by all of your glowing reviews. Your trust in our abilities and ongoing support enable us to keep helping Georgia families just like yours.

~Rhonda Duffy


We love serving our clients here are just a few of our five-star reviews.

Being that I didn’t know what to do or expect being this was my first time selling a house, Duffy made it simple and understandable. My house sold and I actually paid $3,000 less than I thought at closing which will now go toward a down payment on my new house……Thanks, Duffy Realty …You’re Awesome! And I see why you’re #1.
Evelynn Slat
I am extremely pleased with Duffy and the entire experience. Wonderful, well done, congratulations to you Duffy Realty. I really haven’t calculated the money saved yet, but I know it was more than %6. For that I am grateful, the money will, of course, be invested. But all said Duffy will be an experience to be remembered. Well done, well done, Duffy thank you for all your hard work. Again, it was a fabulous experience.
James Watson
I began working with Duffy and within a week I had a contract on our house. That ended up falling through and another contract was picked up, but all the way through, Victoria was a huge help in the process. Victoria and her team were always responding to calls/voicemails and were able to help me answer any questions and get the goals accomplished. Her knowledge was a huge asset to using this team for the sale and helped me in the long run..
Laura Wise

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Short Sale in Atlanta

Are you considering a short sale?  Above all, you must choose a company that will treat you with care, tell you the truth, detail every document as required by your lender and keep you on track with your lender’s explanation.  

What is it like to Short Sale in Atlanta?

A Short Sale is when your lender agrees to sell the property for less than the outstanding mortgage balance. The lender benefits from not taking a property back at foreclosure and likely getting more for the home than they would at auction. However, the lender may not accept a low price if they believe you have the ability to continue paying for the mortgage. 

According to www.Bankrate.com, the peak for short sales was from 2008 to 2012. Doing a Short Sale in Atlanta in this time period became a fairly common occurrence for sellers that had been hurt by the Housing Crash. Many people saw the values of their homes drop significantly at the same time they were losing their job or making less money. Quite simply, they could not afford to keep their home. In 2012 almost half of all homes sold were a part of the Short Sale in Atlanta housing crisis.

2022 Short Sale in Atlanta

Fast forward to 2022, is there a market for Short Sales in Atlanta? Forecasts don’t predict that we will see another Housing Crash. Doing a Short Sale in Atlanta could be difficult with most areas seeing prices increase on average of about 6%. Remember, the Short Sale is based on 2 key factors. 

  1. The ability of the borrower to make the mortgage payments and their verifiable hardship.
  2. The lender accepting that the value of the home is less than what is owed.

If you can afford the home but for some reason, you have seen values decrease in your neighborhood the lender very likely will not accept a Short Sale.

If you want to Short Sale in Atlanta be sure that you find a reputable Real Estate Brokerage that understands and know the Short Sale process. The process can take a lot of time and you don’t want to be 90+ days in and realize your agent doesn’t really understand the intricacies of this special market. 


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Best reviewed real estate agents in Atlanta
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