What happened to Duffy Realty
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DUFFY Buyer Client Finn receives over $7200.00 as his Buyer Incentive
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What Happened to DUFFY Realty?

What Happened to DUFFY Realty? Let’s find out what has been going on at DUFFY Realty for the last few years out of 20 year existence, so far.


In this paragraph, we will discuss what happened to DUFFY Realty as it relates to the questions that are asked in Google searches today.  

Firstly, DUFFY is going strong helping buyers and sellers in metro Atlanta. 

Secondly, DUFFY is over 20 years old now. 

Thirdly, DUFFY is growing a reputation for pioneering the changes in the real estate transaction today.


With more and more information on the internet pertaining to the properties for sale, sale history, school scores and size of the property, there is something missing. 


DUFFY is getting stronger and stronger by teaching buyers and sellers the right questions to ask.


Since it’s inception, DUFFY has grown in knowledge and key experiences.  Therefore the questions that it teaches buyers and seller to ask has grown in size and scope.  Moreover, the answers are revealing next steps that need to be taken to secure the desires of the client.  In other words, the client should not be last to know about a problem with something they are buying.  See our buying philosophy here for the end result of happiness. Similarly, the seller should not be last to know that their buyer can not buy.  


The quality of questions that you ask matter.  That’s one of the things that we contribute to what happened to DUFFY Realty.  We got smarter.

In 2009, DUFFY built an 8 Step Protection Timeline for buyer clients.  With this tool, buyers are protected against buyer’s remorse if they systematically take their time to work through the process and questions to ask others.  Having key elements to the sale: 

Access to off-market properties and when will they be available for sale;

Questions to ask the lender about how they are going to prepare the loan and the letter for the seller to see they are prepared;

questions to ask the inspector;

Moreover, questions to ask the neighbors;

How to understand the HOA rules;

After that, questions for the insurance agent;

And so much more.


In conclusion, don’t purchase strictly by emotions because the danger is real that you will have buyer’s remorse.



Sellers need protection too. 

And sellers aren’t off the hook either.  Therefore, the questions to ask potential buyers need to be a critical part of your analysis of good offers.  DUFFY’s Seller Protection Timeline offers the same options of clarity for the seller to choose a solid buyer that matches your desires for your terms.


DUFFY is a Powerful Advantage for clients because the questions that we are asking of the other party to the transaction are essential to sanity.   So what happened to DUFFY Realty?  We got stronger.