Coronavirus Increases Single-Family Home Popularity

It’s interesting to see how the Coronavirus pandemic has influenced trends in a variety of industries. Most businesses have been affected in one way or another, with some industries slowing while others are booming. In the real estate world, demand is still high and houses are selling. One interesting thing we’ve noticed is that customers […]

Stop Wasting Money on Rent: How to Buy Your First Home

How much money are you spending on rent each month? Take that number and multiply it by 12 to figure out the total cost you are paying for someone else’s mortgage. This expense can really add up through the course of a year! If you want to implement a better financial strategy, then it might […]

Commission Sharing Club Has Taken Off To Bring DUFFY Buyers a Chance To Make Thousands

The internet changed the way that buyers search for properties that are for sale. As a result, many buyers don’t want to hire an agent until they are absolutely sure that they are buying and that they have a clear idea of where they want to buy. Yet the selling commission side of real estate […]

Duffy Realty Buyer Testimonial from the Flynns

Here are what some of our happy homeowners have to say about Duffy Realty’s Buyer Agent Team: “I worked with Eden for several weeks to find this home. It was a difficult request because I was very particular about the type of home/land/area. Eden sent me daily emails with new homes on the market and was focused […]

6 Steps to Be Ready for Home Ownership

Have you been dreaming about the possibility of buying the perfect home for your family? Many people want to buy a home, but they assume that they won’t be ready for home ownership for a few years because they don’t have a down payment for the purchase. Instead of waiting for the stars to align, […]

Buying an Investment Property ? Follow These Steps

Real estate offers an excellent opportunity for people who are looking for a good Return on Investment. Putting money into a rental property or flipping a home can generate the cash that you need to improve your lifestyle and support your family. If you are considering buying an investment property, then it is essential that […]