Flat Fee MLS Georgia has Seller and Buyer Incentives AND Rentals! Yes, we do it all!

Our Current Rentals

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If you would like to apply to rent this home, please follow these steps:

For the Main Application:

Please have the main applicant fill out the top link and all tenants living in the home (that are over 18) will need to fill out the bottom link. If their credit score is not above 700 we will need an explanation for this as it is a requirement of the Sellers.


For all co-applicants (who must also have a credit score over 700) please have them fill out this form.

Make An Offer For A DUFFY Seller to Rent to You

If you would like to make an Offer to one of our Sellers to rent their home to you, please fill out this link.   

Why DUFFY is Different - Flat Fee MLS Georgia and 1.5% Buyer Incentive

For SELLERS :: DUFFY Realty is a Flat Fee MLS GA Brokerage that has been in business since 2002. With our famous model you can List & Sell for around 1% of the sales price, while having 7 Specialist Agents who are experts at their part of the transaction.  This may seem like it creates confusion, yet it makes the smoothest transaction you will ever have as reported by our clients. We have SOLD over 30,000 Atlanta Sellers with this same model saving them on average $9,000.00 in potentially wasted and ridiculous commissions. DUFFY Realty’s motto is: Real Simple. Real Savings. Real Results. Let us prove to you that we are THE superior model that is supported with our Money Back Guarantee. 4.8 Star Rating from Seller Clients!  DUFFY is the best Flat Fee MLS Georgia.

For BUYERS :: Let’s face it, you are searching online and are going to find the right house for you. When you find a listed house, that means that the Listing Agent and Seller have agreed on the selling commission that the Seller will pay.  The Listing Agent adds the property to the MLS and invites other agents to sell the home and get a non-negotiable commission from the Seller and Listing Agent.  So, if you are searching for your own home, you are doing the work that the Selling Agent used to do. Yet, agents are still making the full commission at $180.00 per hour or more. At DUFFY, we partner with you by giving you our agent search tools and A to Z Expertise, plus DUFFY will handle all negotiation and legal compliance. You find the properties to see, and then we both work the transaction steps using our proprietary PROTECTION Timeline that no other agent uses. For your participation, we will share up to HALF of our commission with you.   Space is Very Limited due to demand. Check availability below.

List Your Home with DUFFY for around 1%

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