DUFFY Realty Seller Testimonials
Duffy Realty on Zillow 4.8 Stars
Best reviewed real estate agents in Atlanta
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Best reviewed real estate agents in Atlanta
Seller Client Jamilla Carroll tells her story
DUFFY Seller Dale Burchell tells his story
DUFFY Seller Saves $9500.00 by avoiding ridiculous commissions
DUFFY Seller Saves $7320.00 in Commissions

DUFFY Realty's 1% Listing Commission Reviews

Why Sellers Love DUFFY Realty’s 1% Listing Commission Reviews

When you read the reviews from DUFFY Sellers you will see over and over that DUFFY is with the Sellers every step of the way.  For instance, many Sellers need pricing advice and the encouragement to reach for the price that they believe their house is worth versus what another agent has told them.  Moreover, Sellers need some strategies on what to fix and what to leave as a negotiation point for the future with a buyer. And in multiple offer situations Sellers need a sounding board and predictable plan that works for finding the best real buyer that has presented an offer.  The final result is a closing that is stress free.  That is what DUFFY offers DUFFY Protected Sellers.

Why You Will Love DUFFY Too!

DUFFY offers Sellers an exit plan at anytime.  Come and go from the market if you are not happy with DUFFY or the timing of your sale.  Many of our Sellers test the market to see what their options are.  And because of our unique reverse due diligence strategy, you will never be homeless, unless you want to be.

DUFFY Protection Tools for Sellers

We have Protection tools that provide our sellers with the timing of phases of the transaction.  This allows our DUFFY Protected Sellers to be in the know, ask the right questions and avoid confusion.

What Clients Love About DUFFY in Their Words

  • Control of the sale
  • Get your terms solidified in writing with the buyer
  • It was so easy and simple
  • I will never do real estate the same way again
  • DUFFY gives me options that no one else gives
  • The fact that they sold for 1% listing commission when no buyer’s agent was involved