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All of Rhonda’s tips for buying and selling real estate that she has come up with after working with over 35,000 clients over 25 years in the business are in one easy to acquire app right over your iPhone or Android to have with you at all times while you conduct your home search and when you turn around to sell in the future. There is a proficiency that comes from doing something over and over thousands of times successfully over a long period of time.
The amount of knowledge Rhonda and her team of DUFFY Realty experts by specialty is massive and yet is found all on one, easy to navigate, and free to access app. It gives you the best tips for buying and selling real estate, push button access to all properties presently listed on the market for sale all around the city and a video tutorial library to make sure your agent is doing everything possible as a DUFFY Realty would do to safeguard your money and your rights in the homeowner process.

It’s like having Rhonda right there with you, 24/7, making sure that you are armed with all the ammunition you will need to make the right decisions for you and your family. A road map if you will with all the reminders of exactly the best comprehensive list of tips for buying and selling real estate that there are from one of the most proficient brokers in the country. Yours simply for the asking at no charge.

Don’t run the risk of buying or selling without all the information and insight that is at your fingertips at the DUFFY Real Estate App. From Rhonda’s 8 Step Action Timeline for Buyers, to a comprehensive list of a Homeowner’s Rights, to the 5 Simple Steps to prepare your home for sale, to How to Price the Home for Maximum Exposure and What to Do When You Have an Offer and are in the Contract Negotiation Process. it is all here. You can even see the famous DUFFY Realty Home Sweet Home Ice Cream Truck in Action! 

Don’t ever bemoan after the fact while you are lying in bed at night wondering if you purchased the right next home or if you left too much money on the table when you sold your last one when you have this resource that Rhonda has provided you to get all the tips for buying and selling real estate that you will ever need. 

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