What to Expect: Negotiating the Sale of Your Home

The process of buying or selling a home is a delicate experience of finding the win-win scenario for both parties. The current homeowner wants to maximize the sale price so equity to roll into their next purchase. At the same time, the buyer is looking for ways to get the best value for the money […]

Buying a Home? 4 Tips for Mortgage Approval

You can dream about homeownership and even search for new listings online, only to find yourself disappointed when you are unable to qualify for the financing that is needed. Most home buyers don’t have enough cash to pay for the home, which means they need to qualify for financing through a bank or financial institution. […]

Things to Consider Before Renting Your Home

Many situations might lead you to the idea that you should rent your home. Some people need to move to a different area for work or school, but they don’t want to sell their house. Or, investors look for properties that can be used as rentals to increase their monthly passive income. Regardless of your […]

Rising Interest Rates: Can You Afford to Buy a Home?

After the real estate market changed in 2008, interest rates have been unusually low in an effort to stimulate the economy. Things have balanced out, and now the Fed has made the decision to increase interest rates. As a result, prospective buyers are concerned about what higher interest rates means for their house payment.  Today […]

The Big Differences Between Appraised Value, List Price, and Sale Price

  Unless you work in the real estate or mortgage industries, it is likely that you feel confused when you hear certain real estate terms. Every trade has lingo and jargon unique to the industry, and it can take a little bit of time to get used to these things. If you have questions about […]

Watch for These Hidden Expenses When Buying a Home

Have you talked with friends or family members who shared stories about getting the raw end of the deal when they bought a home? The home buying process can be a stressful time, especially without the right real estate professional to help. With a good team, you will know what to expect to get the […]