Self Employed? How to Get a Mortgage When Buying a Home

How to get a mortgage is a common concern, especially for the self-employed. The financial crisis of 2008 drastically altered the world of real estate and mortgage finance. Where stated income loans were quite common before the crash, they became less so after.

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Overcoming down payment anxiety

Many first-time homebuyers suffer angst over the long time it takes to save a down payment for a home, especially in a hot market.

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Kitchen and bathroom remodeling: Pros and cons of renovating before you sell

If you are getting ready to sell your house, the decision of whether to embark on kitchen and bathroom remodeling might be nagging at you.

Buying short sale homes : What you need to know

Buying short sale homes is a bit different than the standard home-buying process, which can mean big savings for you.

Everything you need to know about flat-fee listings

Flat-fee listings offer a seller a considerable number of advantages over full-service listings.

How a short sale might save the day

A short sale can help homeowners who fall behind on their mortgage payments and are headed toward foreclosure.

Back To School: All I Want Is My Trapper Keeper

It’s officially back-to-school time in the state of Georgia which means polishing up the old routine of making lunches, doing homework, and the frantic mornings of getting everyone on the bus or into the carpool on time.    It is also that time of the year where you are going to begin stocking up on school supplies if you haven’t it done so already.  All I can remember from my childhood and teen years was my mom taking me to the local K-Mart to pick up a few Bic pens, some No. 2 Ticonderoga pencils, and my color coded Trapper Keeper to organize my classes.   Nowadays we’ve got an entirely different routine with school systems providing lists instructing us to practically buy an entire shopping cart of school supplies. This year, my two middle school children have lists both in excess of thirty items that were ‘necessary’ for them to get.   It seems every year the list gets larger and larger.  So what can you do to save money when it...

Entrepreneur Series – Lesson 3 – Know Your Role As The Owner

As an entrepreneur starting a new business, you often have to wear the hat of cook, dishwasher, accountant, and general manager.   However, one of the biggest mistakes a young owner will make is not quickly clarify their role within the organization.   Far too often, new entrepreneurs will try to control every aspect of a new business which inevitably slows the growth of the organization.  In some cases, it can make hiring and training new people so difficult it can be destructive to the success of a company. One of things I recommend to new business owners is to draw a T chart with one axis being things you like to do and one access being tasks that you are good at.    What you should quickly try to figure out in the early stage of a new company is to list all of the items that you are good at and those tasks that you like to do.    After figuring out this critical piece of analysis, you should begin to try...

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Reasons to become a homeowner.

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