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Want the excitement that Real Estate brings PLUS a steady paycheck?   

How about the security of a solid and proven team?


At DUFFY Realty, we are a proven 5 Star Company that has been in business for over 22 years.   We are Employee Owned and Operated and take pride in who we are and the values we bring to our clients.  Go to to find out more about our company. 

The position we are looking for is one that truly is team based and team orientated. You will be learning many aspects of the real estate transaction and how to represent our clients well.  This is a position where you will be building relationships, past, current and new.  Seasoned Owner Mentors will be working alongside you and a National Sales Trainer will be helping build not only your skills but the skills of the other Owners as well.  This is truly an opportunity to own a piece of a well-established company as all employees have the ability to become Owners per our ESOP. 

Position Details:

Georgia Real Estate License (must have) – if you don’t we will talk further to see if we have something for you on our team.

Set rotating schedule which will include certain weekends

Paid every 2 weeks by Direct Deposit with bonus opportunities

The Ability to OWN a Piece of DUFFY with the ESOP that we did in 2015

Testimonials From Current and Past Agents At DUFFY

I was honored to be one of the first buyer’s agents that Rhonda Duffy hired in 2003 to support her rapidly growing real estate business.   After 14 plus years, I am pleased to still be a part of her dynamic team.  As an agent at Duffy Realty, I have grown and prospered while acquiring organizational, communication and negotiation skills under the direction of Rhonda and Frank Duffy.   Under their guidance, my business has profited while  I learned valuable processes to guide my buyer and seller clients in making decisions regarding their real estate properties.
– Jan Huchteman Hamilton
I’ve been with Duffy Realty for nearly a decade which is a testament in and of itself. Duffy is always growing, learning, and evolving. I’ve always appreciated that the heartbeat of the company is doing what’s right by and what’s best for the public.
– Justin Trotter
I love being an agent at DUFFY Realty and working with the #1 Broker in the US! I learn from the best and surround myself with like-minded individuals. With the help of my husband, Michael McCarty, we have built an amazing team. We all work hard for our clients. We follow a top-notch proprietary process and we have a buyer bonus that is unique to DUFFY! I have even had the amazing opportunity to become an owner and share in the growth and development of our brokerage. Every day is a blessing and I am forever grateful to my DUFFY Family!
– Jennifer McCarty
Working with DUFFY Realty is a great experience. Rhonda has a vast of knowledge and guidance that she shares with her team to be the best, especially through the 8 STEP Buyer Program.  Each team member wants to see each other grow, win, and succeed with the goal of helping clients. This Brokerage is a powerhouse of a vast wealth of knowledge and information and I am happy to be part of this powerhouse.
 – Sameka Orekyeh
I have worked at two large real estate companies in Georgia. Both claim to teach you everything you need to know to be a successful real estate agent. I was just barely getting by and decided to reach out to what my husband called “the most innovative real estate agent in Atlanta”.  Rhonda changed my life with her foolproof training and hands-on approach. I never felt like I was thrown out to the wolves and told to sink or swim with Duffy Realty. I am constantly trying to get my other agent friends to join Duffy Realty. If I could do it all over… I would have definitely started here first!!
– Lisa Murphy

Working at Duffy offers a great deal of flexibility and growth opportunities. Training, insights, and support are top notch- I love working at Duffy Realty of Atlanta

  – Ray Hammond

Working here at Duffy Realty has been a very pleasant and rewarding experience. Proven processes and high focus on client satisfaction keeps the company driven and determined to be the best. Having had a long career in Atlanta real estate I can say with certainty that Rhonda knows what she is doing and stands tall above her competition

– Lamar Williams

I am new to real estate and I was referred to DUFFY because of the extensive knowledge I would gain here. Rhonda ensures that all of her agents are thoroughly trained and real estate experts with her ongoing training. Since starting a DUFFY Realty, I have happily joined The McCarty Team. I could not be more grateful and excited for the opportunities that lie ahead working at DUFFY Realty

 – Allison Gunter

Working with Duffy as a buyer’s agent has taught me some of the best ways to put our clients first!  Duffy has the best integrity in the real estate business, coupled with over 15 year’s experience in the local market.  I am proud to work for a company with the best tools in the industry to help our clients win!
– Sheila Cooper

Working with DUFFY Realty, and Rhonda DUFFY has been an amazing learning experience and opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Rhonda and DUFFY Realty have high standards that other companies would be wise to emulate.  I have come to appreciate how vital DUFFY Realty is to the protection of the public with regards to buying and selling real estate.

 – Mike McCarty

Working with DUFFY Realty is unlike any other Real Estate Company.  The 8-Step Buyer Action Timeline is a proprietary process that takes the fear, confusion and stress out of buying a home.  As a Buyer’s Agent, it is an invaluable tool.  As part of the McCarty Team at DUFFY Realty, the continuous training, leadership and encouragement have had a tremendously positive impact on my career.

– Terri Collins

My name is Tabitha and I am relatively new to Duffy Realty and about 1.5 years in real estate. I first started out with Keller Williams, although I adore them dearly, I didn’t learn a thing! I love real estate but I knew I wasn’t in love with real estate. There was no passion or burning desire for my career. I felt like I wasted my time thinking that eventually, the company would be more supportive. Unfortunately, they focus on seasoned agents. I needed a change…

To make a long story short – since I became apart of Duffy Realty I have learned more than I ever did. I now have a burning desire to succeed and be the best. I have never felt this way before about anything. It’s like I can’t sleep because I’m excited about all the endless possibilities!

In addition, Ilyce Glink is an outstanding woman. Jam-packed with knowledge. I have never heard of or read her blogs before – until I became an agent with Duffy Realty. I think it’s great that she is endorsing you…exclusively at that! You go girl! I know you are excited!

– Tabitha Dacres

With several years of real estate experience and a desire to educate, I appreciate the opportunity to work with Duffy Realty. Rhonda Duffy has created a process allowing Real Estate Specialists, such as myself, to protect and educate buyers through all aspects of the home buying process.

– Nonette Johnson

It has been a thrill working at Duffy these past months. I have had the opportunity of working with some of the greatest Duffy partners,  showing houses, open houses, and partnering in selling houses. I must say, it is a REAL learning experience since everyone pulls their load working together. Now I have been asked to join the McCarty Team and there is more learning down the road, but when I am through, I will be a TOP Team Winner at Duffy, and my business will be rocking. Really looking forward to it.

After having contracted in IT Administration and Security for 20 years I decided to make a change in careers two years ago. I love working with people and have worked at some of the top corporations, as well as local Atlanta companies, Cooper’s & Lybrand before they became PWC, Robert Bosch, McKaughten, McKay Electric, Powell Goldstein,  General Motors, Coke Cola and DeKalb Workforce. This was certainly different than talking to a machine all day, but much more interesting. What caught my interest was the saying, Happiness Just  Makes Sense. I was looking for some happiness in my life and so here I am. And I am happy to be helping people find homes.
– Stephanie Ahern

As an agent for over 10 years I have found the Duffy system to be very successful for me because the leads are strong, there are several good options for the buyers on ways to work with us, it is GOOD for the buyers all the way around, and it allows me to handle more buyer clients effectively.

It is critical that we are well trained as Buyer Consultants so the meetings have been important. They Buyer program helps brand the Duffy Realty concept so we need to be “experts” at what we do.

– Caroline Gamma

As a new agent, it’s easy to get lost in real estate. There is so much to learn and process. You’ll either sink or swim in this business. There are several brokerage firms that offer lots of training materials but very little guidance. Rhonda Duffy has a systematic process that, if followed correctly, works! I like the fact that she holds her agents accountable to a high standard to protect the public. Agents have the opportunity to join a team if they choose and I find that to be a great way to learn and grow as an agent. Whether you want to be a showing agent, rogue agent or team leader, Duffy Realty offers different options to fit where you want to be in your career. All the resources available including the playbook, staff and team lead support, the mentorship program, motivational monthly meetings, and a constant flow of leads ensure I have everything I need to succeed in real estate.

– Simone Sao

I have been doing real estate in Metro Atlanta for 8 years, during this time I have done both traditional real estate and new home sales as an on-site agent. So I feel like I have a pulse on where we have been and where we are going.

The Internet has changed our lives so profoundly that adaptability to embrace this technology and make it work for you is paramount. Yes, it is a great tool, but it can’t give the warm and fuzzy feeling of having an agent working for you! Duffy’s hybrid model takes full advantage of today’s involved, savvy buyers and sellers, and still gives the public the edge of having an experienced, knowledgeable agent where it counts most!

As we all know real estate can be a financial roller coaster, you can work very hard and have nothing come to fruition or you can work very hard and make a living.

I joined Rhonda and Duffy Realty in February of 2006; I took Rhonda’s mandatory course and passed with flying colors. I and a few other agents that joined at that time raised the bar in Rhonda’s estimation and she made the course mandatory for agents that had been with her since the beginning. Rhonda continually strives to help every agent be the best that they can be. For their success is Duffy’s

We have boot camps where we receive so much training, knowledge and insight to today’s real estate market and it is almost scary when you go to a CE class and realize how much you do know!

We have the opportunity to do phone duty, where we have actual contact with buyers! What a chance to convert those buyers! Leads! Leads! And more Leads!

Within my first week of phone duty I wrote a contract, and by a month’s time, I had secured 5 buyers. The year just escalated from there and for the first time in 4 years I was back loving what I do best and showing my passion for what I had waited 28 years to do!

And even though I love to think I am good, I’m very good…I’d like to share this with you.

I had a previous client from last year who had used me and loved Duffy’s programs, we closed on an $840K home in October 2006 prior to him selling his $1.2M home which he listed with Duffy and sold. I was in the office calling Info Alerts on a Saturday morning in March and my cell phone rang…

It was my client saying that the downsizing just wasn’t working for them and was I still with Duffy…I said absolutely, and he asked if I could meet in 20 minutes, they had found a home that had just been reduced from $2.5M to $1.75M and they wanted my opinion. We wrote a full offer 2 hours later!

Everyone needs repeat clients like this! So even though I do my incantations about my expertise (see above)…. The truth is, if I wasn’t with Duffy, they would have still have used Duffy and not me!

Rhonda is a pioneer in the industry, thinks out of the box, takes an idea and runs with it. Her successful business model is the envy of some brokers, the disdain of others, but regardless, remains very cutting edge! And as in any industry, success breeds jealousy. Those of us that are associated with Duffy should feel proud, excited, and look forward to continued success in the real estate industry.

Duffy continues to be visionary and fearless in this every changing industry, I am so glad I am here…what a ride!

-Marilou Young

As far as selling the potential agents on Duffy – come on. We have another no-brainer hear folks. LEADS, LEADS, LEADS! I have worked for 3Companies as an agent. A small mom and pop shop that no one has heard of, another large firm that is a joke and you. I don’t even think I need to discuss the first one I sold 0000000000 with them. They didn’t care. All they want is their monthly dues. If you make money great, then they make more money but they don’t care. Just keep the monthly fees coming and keep paying for your signs and your “tools” and everything else they can jack you on. I’m not bitter by the way.

Duffy is awesome for everyone.Looking at the big picture (which I have been doing much more of lately) it’s a win-win. As an agent, there is nowhere that you can work and receive a constant flow of new leads.We dismiss a book of leads that most agents would kill for on the buyer side. The training is phenomenal both on a group and an individual level.Where can you go and get the juice from the #10 Realtor in the country and pass that info on to your employees?  People pay money, a lot of money for the support and training that is given to us.

I have a lot of friends in real estate and I am the envy of all of them. Matter fact I don’t know the one that doesn’t have a second or third job even though they have a real estate agent job that they tell their friends is their full time job in Atlanta. Even the experienced ones that have been in Real Estate for 20 years don’t do what I can do at Duffy. Rhonda, I made last month than I did for the entire year of 2005. Kicking ass and taking leads.  That’s what we do!

-Phillipe Gentry

As an agent working with Duffy Realty I know whatever type of transaction I am a part of I am always working within a proprietary timeline that ensures competency, accountability, and success.

– Muretta Moss

I am proud to be working at Duffy Realty and loving it!  Why?  It begins with Duffy’s exemplary commitment to their customers and continues on to the passionate investment that they have in their agents to be the best in the industry.  Through the powerful tools and education Duffy offers, I can be that expert ambassador.  One of my missions is to ensure the customer has a successful experience throughout the process of purchasing and selling a home which has been lost in this industry. Duffy Realty is passionate to change that experience. I want to be a part of that process! No other firm offers so many unique options for both buyers and sellers, from saving thousands to the $500 cash bonus or all-inclusive vacation just for signing up! With cutting edge technology, training opportunities and mentorship, I see myself growing with strength towards a successful future which Duffy Realty.

– Monika Burris

I would describe the training as very thorough with a great deal of emphasis on contracts. I learned more about contracts and how to run my real estate business than any previous training I have received. The taped sessions were interesting, entertaining and provided a great deal of valuable information. The Playbook is very thorough and I can usually find the answer to any questions
that I may have. Your staff has been great about helping when I can’t find an answer.

-Alex Elliott

I joined Duffy Realty because I was impressed with Rhonda and Frank and I was convinced that the Duffy Realty business model delivers the maximum total value to both Sellers and Buyers in today’s evolving Real Estate market while offering me the opportunity to partner with clients and maximize my earnings in the most productive manner possible.

In three to four phone duty sessions of three hours each per month, I am introduced to more potential prospects than I could possibly generate any other way. Supported by the Duffy Realty Playbook, structured presentation format, extensive website information, and frequent intensive Boot Camp training sessions I am provided with everything I could possibly need to convert my Prospects into Clients and subsequently into Sales…And we have outstanding contract support to rely on as well.

I am sincerely delighted to be a part of such a professional and well trained real estate sales team and I tell all of my friends in the business that they should apply to join us and see what it’s like to be with an organization of Leaders and Winners! The Duffy Realty Cash Bonus Program is the Real Deal!

-Vin O’Reilly

When I began work at Duffy Realty I was a true greenhorn. I had absolutely no experience in the industry and to top things off; I had never even purchased a piece of property so the whole process was a mystery to me. Contracts, contingencies, inspections, market value, comparables, it was all-Greek to me and to be honest I was quite intimidated. At Duffy Realty all agents are required to complete a training program that is referred to as “Boot Camp.” There are a number of sections that deal with the various components of Real Estate. The program goes over everything in detail from the nuts and bolts of contracts to how to track and follow up with leads.

You are given outlines, homework, and tests. It is not a program that gives you a brief overview; it is more designed to make you an expert. The training and support does not stop when you complete your Boot Camp Finals. Several times a month we have meetings and discuss relevant issues such as contract changes, following up with clients, and ways to expand your business. If you ever have a question at any time someone is available to help you. I could not see myself anywhere else. After my first closing, my client looked at the closing attorney and said, “you know this is his first time.” The attorney had a confused look on his face. He looked at me and said with a smile, “I would never have guessed that,” and that is a testament to the quality of training at Duffy Realty.

-Rete Odom

One of the best decisions in my life was the decision to join Duffy Realty team.We are always in the process of learning. The different ways of training, way how our Broker is always looking for something new, that will increase our knowledge and our business. Duffy Realty doesn’t have Real Estate agents. We are Real Estate Experts, and I can see that when working on deals with other agents from other company or need to answer questions for my Buyers.  I personally should do much more transactions, and I will do not less, than 3 closings a month. My problem this is my Russian accent, I am working to fix this problem. What is very important, that I am in the company, who provides new, future way of the real estate services, company who makes our clients happy and thankful for our services? Rhonda, thank you for everything that you are doing for all of us.

-Norm Itskov

Dear Rhonda,

Thank you for giving us all the tools and references to guide us in representing our clients well. You go above and beyond with the tools and knowledge you provide. Looking forward to going over the new GAR Contracts and continuing my Real Estate Education.

-Lori Pugh

The great thing about working as a Buyer’s Agent at Duffy Realty is the feeling that you are truly representing the Buyer, not the Seller and saving them money. My clients like that they are being represented by an agent as much or more than the Cash Bonus they receive. The client feels they are being represented and the agent is not just trying to make a quick sale. The client knows if they can not get a particular home for the price they want to pay, I will help them find another home for the price they want to pay.

-Joe Herbig 

A Thought About Our Meetings…

Thanks for the meeting today! Very informative and certainly worth the time. I enjoyed the interaction and look forward to the next gathering.  Thanks again,


Although I’ve been a broker for a number of years and thought I knew quite a bit, when I came on board with Duffy, I was very pleasantly surprised at all the excellent training materials, both printed and on DVD, that is available (and mandatory) for all Duffy agents to be familiar with. It’s refreshing to work with professional and knowledgeable agents. I applaud Rhonda Duffy and her wonderful staff for having all these great materials and ongoing processes and training in place that enable her agents to excel.

-Marsha Capland

There’s training…and then there’s Rhonda Duffy’s Training!
…a “total” transformation….physically (yes,there’s a Congo line),mentally(yes,there’s NLP), & spiritually (Frank’s dept.)
Also intergalactic space travel (you’ll need a GPS)…
What’s the outcome…if there’s a fsbo on the moon …I’m there…
A buyer moving to the moon…. I’m there…. DUFFY IS THE BETTER WAY!

-Janet Hordosky

I have been with Duffy for a little over a year now and the experience could not be better. Rhonda and Frank truly want to see every single agent do well and grow their business. I have been licensed for over 9 years and have never been provided with as many qualified leads as we receive at Duffy Realty.  Duffy Realty is way above the changing trend in our industry.  Yes, we have the Buyer Cash Bonus program, but we also have well-trained agents to go along with it. No one here is “afraid ” to share his or her ideas and tips. Even if you have been licensed for years you still learn new ways to improve your skills.  I have never been in an office that would go over the new contract changes for 6 weeks in meetings. I feel that it really helped to actually know what changed and what it meant to you and your client instead of trying to interpret it for yourself. I would highly recommend anyone to Duffy Realty.

-Allison Ridge

I appreciate the lunch meeting concept, I like to hear what others concerns are and their solutions. It’s a good feeling knowing that we are all playing on a good team with dynamic leadership!

– Rick Shaffer

That was a great meeting today! So far I have been very
impressed with the structure and organization, as well as the camaraderie I have observed. I am truly looking forward to playing for the Duffy Realty team!

-Terri L. Brown

Thank you, Frank! I have truly enjoyed working with you and Rhonda. I loved it whenever I had the opportunity to tell someone I worked at Duffy Realty. The vision you and Rhonda both share is amazing and inspiring. I have been astounded by the wonderful ideas Rhonda has come up with, ideas that still continue to revolution real estate. I will always be a Duffy Realty fan and will continue to share with people what an amazing person Rhonda is and her ability to always think one step ahead; to think of one more way Duffy Realty can help the consumer.

Thank you for inviting me to the golf tournament. We will actually be taking one last cruise before leaving the east coast during that week.

Thank you again for everything, it has been a pleasure.

– Jessica Amy

Hi Rhonda,

Today was a great day. I came to one of your best coaching sessions, and I have begun to get the big picture of NLP and sales.

I had my very first closing and I KNOW I did a great job for my buyer clients. As important as is all of the above, I am not afraid anymore!

Also, you should know how readily your team is to be helpful throughout my learning curve. I need to Thank you for the opportunity that you have given me to become part of that team. and I intend to make myself a valued player!

Thank you really big!

– Sherry Hoger 

The bottom line is how Rhonda and Frank have given me the opportunity to be on the cutting edge. Yes, know matter what all those other agents say, this is the wave of the future of this industry. Rhonda and Frank saw what was coming and were willing to take a chance to make a difference. The one other thing is how giving they have both been. When I interviewed over a year and a half ago with all those other brokerages all I heard was what I was bringing to them. When I interviewed with Rhonda she told me “this is what I have to offer you and yes you will have to work hard but the rewards will come.” And yes they have thanks, Rhonda and Frank!

-Bill Hanlin

A Message from Frank Duffy and our agents about 10 years of Duffy Success (we are 16 now!)

Hey Everybody,

I want to take a moment tonight to congratulate the entire Duffy Realty team on reaching two very impressive milestones. We signed on and helped our 15,000th client this week and tomorrow we are celebrating our 8th Anniversary of being in business here in Atlanta. We certainly could not have done it without the hard work and dedication of many, many truly gifted people. Job well-done team.

– Frank Duffy

And of course many thanks and congratulations to you and Rhonda for building such a great business model that provides our clients and us with the best options in real estate that exist. Duffy Realty has come a long way and is building more respect within the industry each year, I hear it every day from other agents and consumers.

– Caroline Gamma


– Bill Hanlin

Congratulations to Duffy Realty! I’m looking forward to another great year with a great team!

– Sarah Prejeant