How Has the Internet Changed the Real Estate Industry in the Past 20 Years?

The real estate industry depends on sharing timely information when [more...]

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How to Sell Your Home: Take the First Steps

Now that the prime selling season is upon us, it [more...]

Schools Can Make the Grade for Your Home

A good school district when buying or selling a home [more...]

Getting Your Home Ready: What Projects Should You Take On Before Selling?

  Before selling your home, you may feel like you [more...]

Buying a Fixer-Upper ? Prepare Yourself!

  This article will discuss buying a fixer-upper. Buying a [more...]

Saturated Spring Market: Stand Out From the Crowd

With the spring season upon us, sellers throughout the metro [more...]

Remodeling: Should You Embark On This Endeavor Prior to Selling?

Many sellers think that they must make all sorts of [more...]

Listing Your Home for the Spring Season!

Need some tips for listing your home this spring?  Rhonda [more...]

Up Your Curb Appeal Game For Spring

Curb appeal for your home can be the most important [more...]

Selling Your Home While Not Living There

If you have already moved out of the house you [more...]

Erase the Evidence of Pets

Having pets can be one of the great joys of [more...]

Professional or Amateur Photos

When taking the photos of your home to attach to [more...]

Keep Your Listing Fresh and Up-To-Date This Spring

The number one reason homes don’t sell is an out-of-date [more...]

Visiting Homes: What You Need To Know To Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

During the search for your next home, you will visit [more...]

Selling 101: Some Basics You Need to Know When Selling Your Home

If you are selling a home for the first time, [more...]

Reasons Why Your Listing Might Not Be Selling

Listings with Duffy Realty of Atlanta last six months, at [more...]

Now Showing: Your Beautiful Home

There are many different ways to conduct showings of your [more...]

Don’t Get the Comparables Woes

You probably heard the term “comparables” or “comps” thrown around [more...]

Many real estate agents have a great personality but lack a proven process

Many sellers want to work with real estate agents with a good personality but overlook the agency's process for selling.

Does your real estate listing go live while the agent is in your home?

A real estate listing that goes live before the agent leaves your home allows you to rest assured that your listing is accurate and eye-catching.

Duffy Realty’s consumer-friendly approach makes it No. 1 in Atlanta

When Rhonda and Frank Duffy opened the doors to Duffy Realty in 2002, they embraced the Internet's power to reshape their industry.

Eeek. My Home Is Going to Auction Next Week. What Can I Do?

Via Melissa Zavala Realtor® North San Diego County Homes In [more...]

10 Ways to Make a Small Room Look Larger

This wonderful list I got from Lowe's is great for enhancing the stature of most rooms. Don't forget, your home is a product and you have the responsibility to make it look the best you can in the most cost-efficient manner possible. Rhonda Duffy

Top 10 Reasons to De-Personalize Your Home Part 2

Via Karen Bernetti, CT Realtor & Home Stager (The Home [more...]

Top 10 Reasons to De-Personalize Your Home…Part I

Via Karen Bernetti, CT Realtor & Home Stager (The Home [more...]

The Top 10 Home Improvements That Could Devalue Your Home

Via Donna Dazzo Home Stager in the Hamptons & New [more...]

Tips for Remodeling in Any Market

When the housing market’s hot, it seems like just about [more...]

How To Make Buyers Want Your Home

You love your home but when it comes time to [more...]

The Importance of When you Love your Home…

In this article, we will discuss The Importance of When [more...]

Does Pricing Matter?

In this article we talk about Does Pricing Matter? Search [more...]

How to talk to buyers who view your home.

When buyers come to your home it is critical to [more...]

Good News!

I’m not a financier and I can’t predict what our [more...]

How to Overcome the Pet Issues That Buyers Have With Your Home

Selling your home while you have pets, may cause you [more...]

Tips for Sellers: for an Open House!

City-wide open houses are coming up soon, get your home [more...]

How to Overcome the Pet Issues That Buyers Have With Your Home

Selling your home while you have pets, may cause you [more...]

The Importance of A Final Walk Through When You Are Buying

A final walk through in a home is a buyer’s [more...]

Technology to change real estate marketing and where people live

The advent of internet technology is changing the residential real [more...]

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