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How to Make the Most Money Selling Your Home

Welcome to adulthood, you have purchased a home. 

Moreover you have defined your relationship with your significant other and your parents. 
 And now you are ready to move out of that cute condo or starter home you could picture yourself living in forever.  

Moverover, now a job, a new family dynamic or new location has you moving and for the first time, you are selling your cute first place.  

You know it is time to bone up or your real estate lingo and know-how.
However, with so many options out there today, it is important to know the landscape of how to sell a home. 

In recent years, we have seen real estate services pop up and offer to buy your home and help you buy a new home or trade-in.  

While this is SO tempting, I beg of you to consider how many dates you went on before you settled down.

In the modern world, technology has changed access to listing information for the average consumer. 
Let’s say that the information now available compared to what you experienced just 10 years ago is extra, for instance.

That has truly leveled the playing field for many real estate agents who are only offering the same old 6 or 7% commission. 
They offer no hope of you, the seller, saving any equity. 
And to add to the confusion, now you have companies that offer to buy your real estate with no local market knowledge.  

Low commission agents offer you the same exposure as 6 & 7% agents with the added benefit of saving more money.  

  And who doesn’t love saving money! With different structures including an upfront pay model and a reduced commission paid at closing,
there is a model to suit your needs. 

Most importantly, ask friends and neighbors how their experiences have been and get all the information upfront.

I urge you to talk to more than 1 and look at all models, but most of all, don’t overpay for the same service! 

Real estate
at the end of the day is selling and buying property, not rocket wizardry, for instance. 
The more you know, the better off you will be. 

Let’s talk about competition.  It’s healthy and it helps you understand the real estate value.
However, when you are considering taking an offer from one company for your home there is something to keep in mind.

For instance, many more offers can come when listed.   
It is like casting a wider net and catching all kinds of fish, not just one kind.

If you never list, you will never know.

For instance, if you spend your weekends just wishing you had a date, but never let anyone know you were single, you probably wouldn’t ever get anywhere.

Now if you post a profile on a dating site, then you are putting it out there and will get lots of eyes on your profile.  As a result, you have more options.
Therefore now imagine you never went on that dating site, no one would be able to see you.

In conclusion, real estate, more eyes equal better odds.  Get your listing out there and get more eyes looking at your home!
Because that person you were when you bought this home is out there and needs your cute house, so much more than you do!
  Above all, go after the most profit possible by letting more people know that you have something valuable to sell.



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