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How the Unheard of DUFFY Buyer Incentive Works for You

Selling over 42,000 plus homes is what makes us experts.  The average agent sells just 1.3 homes per year.  

However, finding a home is NOT the most important part of the transaction, nor is getting a buyer incentive when buying in Atlanta. 

There are over 40 tasks that our team does to support the process of finding the truth about the property, financing, inspection, and neighborhood secrets. 

DUFFY built a process because our clients want to avoid confusion and uncertainty. We use a Buyer Protection Checklist that makes sure you know all there is to know about the property BEFORE you get to closing.  Georgia is a Buyer Beware state so once you own the property, you own the problems.  As a result, you can feel confident that you know what you are purchasing and that you have made a good choice.

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Get your Buyer Incentive When Buying in Atlanta.

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Your Split of Our Commission

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Buying a home without using our Protection Timeline is like building your dream home without using an architect.


DUFFY promises that once you experience the easy and proven process that we have created for all buyers, you will never buy another way! The icing-on-top is the thousands of dollars that we will be giving to you at closing – it’s true! It is a client favorite!

Split up to half of our commission on the properties we work with you on because our agreement is non-exclusive with no penalty to you and no cost to you. Experience the money-saving freedom. Go here to see all the reviews from our buyers who LOVE our expert guidance, the peace of mind they got from using our proprietary tools, the lender strategies that saved them money, the tools that uncovered the secrets of the property plus so much more!

Your incentive is paid from the commission that DUFFY receives on the property you buy. This is determined by your purchase price. It is so easy!

Did you know that you have RIGHTS? As a Buyer, you have certain rights that you may not be aware of. At DUFFY Realty, we PROTECT your rights all the while providing a buyer incentive when buying in Atlanta. What are your rights you might ask? Just look below!

Buyer Bill of Rights – You have Rights!

1. You have the right to hire and fire your agent with one signature.

2. You have the right to be a client, not a customer.

3. You have the right to ask 7 key questions of the neighbors, get a C.L.U.E. Report, and check for sex offenders.

4. You have the right to free representation and to share in your agent’s commission.

5. You have the right to a competent professional who will find you the right home at the right price and help you avoid buyer’s remorse.

DUFFY realty WILL protect you when buying a home!


DUFFY Buyer Incentive Checks, Happy Faces and Their Stories

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