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LOVE FOR DUFFY’S Real Estate Discount Brokers Atlanta 

I searched for Atlanta Discount Real Estate Commission, Flat Fee MLS  Atlanta (basically wanted to get on the Atlanta multiple listing service) and For Sale By Owner (FSBO) options and found Duffy Realty.  Then I searched for real estate discount brokers Atlanta and found that Duffy’s reviews were excellent.  I was relieved.  When Rhonda’s team came to look at my house, I was super impressed and they actually discussed a much higher sales price than I thought was possible.  After the Contracts Department helped me negotiate the sale, I got what I wanted (the high price recommended)!  And on top of that I paid a super low commission of less than 1%.  That’s right, I only paid less than 1% to sell my house.  That is because my buyer came to me directly.  

My wife wanted to use her friend for 6% plus fees and I kept saying, the real estate game should be much lower by now!  I mean, I believe that agents are overpaid, especially since the internet does all of the work of advertising what is for sale and what it looks like.  The fact that I remained in control of my sale and I netted the most money possible was the best thing that I can say about my whole buying and selling experience so far.  You can’t go wrong with their expertise.  They are calm, strategic and expect you to win.  Thank you DUFFY, you are in every conversation I have about real estate with anyone.

~ C. Dunn

We built DUFFY Realty to be Simple as we believe that a real estate agent that charges more brings Drama to the transaction to justify the higher fee. 

However, with that being said, real estate IS and has always been an industry where the consumer expects that the agent is a Networker. 

So let’s talk about how we make that happen.

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