Adding Green to Your Landscaping without Spending a Pot o’ Gold

St. Patrick’s Day is drawing near, and many families are looking for ways to add green to their traditions for the week. When you are preparing to don green clothing and share corned beef and hash with your kids, it is also a great time to consider the green that can be added to your […]

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Appraisal Results

Whether you are selling your home or getting ready to refinance, it is essential to have an appraiser complete an inspection of the property. This inspection can have a big impact on the price that you get for the home, because the selling price will be based on the value that is determined by the […]

Using Your Tax Refund to Help Sell Your Home this Spring

The 2016 tax deadline is quickly approaching, and many homeowners are hoping for a good tax return so that they can use the money for home improvement projects. If you are planning to sell your home within the next few months, consider the advantage of using your tax refund to prepare your home to sell.  […]

Maximize Your Investment: The Rate of Return on Home Improvements

  Your home is an important investment, and there are several things that need to be considered if you want to maximize the value of the property. Many people consider these factors when they are getting ready to sell their home, but these things should also be considered when you are buying a home as […]

Christmas Wish-List: Ask Santa for These Home Upgrades This Year

  Are you planning to sell your home soon? Or maybe you recently moved into a home, and you want to improve the property to enjoy it a little more? There are many advantages to home upgrades, especially because these projects can help to boost your equity and make the property more attractive to potential […]

How to Sell Your Home: Take the First Steps

Now that the prime selling season is upon us, it is time for you to take action. Whether you are selling your first home or you are a veteran in the home-selling game, there are some things that you need to keep in mind before and during your listing. In this article, we will discuss […]

Getting Your Home Ready: What Projects Should You Take On Before Selling?

  Before selling your home, you may feel like you need to do some updates to your home or general maintenance projects before listing. There are definitely some things that should be updated or fixed before selling your home to help sell your home quicker or to ensure your home passes inspection. In this article, […]

Buying a Fixer-Upper ? Prepare Yourself!

  This article will discuss buying a fixer-upper. Buying a fixer-upper can be daunting, but it can also be the exact right thing to do when considering the area that it’s in. If you happen to find an older home with some need of TLC in your dream neighborhood, buying a fixer-upper can give you […]

Saturated Spring Market: Stand Out From the Crowd

With the spring season upon us, sellers throughout the metro Atlanta area are feeling confident and putting their properties on the market to sell. You might even find that multiple homes in your neighborhood or area are selling, creating extra pressure and competition. With such a saturated market, you might feel a little discouraged and […]