Why Atlanta is at Its Best in the Summer

Why Spring is a Great Time of Year to Sell Your Home

Summer is a great time of year to enjoy festivals and activities in your own back yard. The kids are out of school, events are happening around the city, and you have the perfect opportunity to build new memories with your loved ones.

What are your planned activities this summer? Here are a few suggestions if you need activity ideas:

  • Shoot the Hooch: The Chattahoochee River is a popular place to go tubing, and this activity has been coined “Shooting the Hooch.” If you don’t own a tube, you can rent one to use for the day. Choose from one of the four drop-in spots along the river, but make sure that you have a car available when you get out of the water down the river!
  • Walk the Beltline: The Atlanta Beltline is a former railway corridor that has been renovated into an urban trail. You can walk between 45 neighborhoods to enjoy the beautiful weather and sunshine during some of the best months of the year.
  • Piedmont Park: Another great outdoor location to enjoy is Piedmont Park. You’ll find a variety of features for the family, including a lake, farmers’ markets, and a swimming pool. You can even bring furry members of the family to the dog park!
  • Atlanta Botanical Gardens: This 30-acre garden area is filled with gorgeous flowers, trees, and more. Take a break from urban living by enjoying nature in these sprawling gardens.
  • Starlight Drive-In: Why sit in a stuffy indoor theater when you can enjoy the beautiful night skies while watching the latest blockbuster hit? This drive-in theater has been open since 1949, giving families a great place to enjoy a movie in a unique setting.
  • Music Festivals: If you love listening to live music, then Atlanta is a great place to live! You can find everything from jazz music to indie to hip-hop. Many of these concerts are held at Centennial Olympic Park, located in the downtown Atlanta area.
  • Six Flags Over Georgia: Adults and kids alike can have fun with a day at the local amusement park. This theme park boasts 290 acres of thrill rides and roller coasters. Not only is there a fun children’s area for the kids, but mom and dad can get their blood pumping on the big coasters.
  • Atlanta Braves: One of the flagship activities in Atlanta is to catch a ball game. Head over to SunTrust Park to enjoy a cold drink and hot dog while cheering on the team.

There’s no question that Atlanta is a great location due to the friendly communities, fun activities, and great weather. DUFFY Realty is here to help you find the best home in Atlanta. Whether you are relocating to another home in the greater Atlanta area, or you are moving here from another state, our team is here to assist. Call the local real estate experts for help finding your dream home: (678) 318-1700

Housing Trends and The Suburban Shift in 2019

For Sale By Owner Signs are Practically Invisible in the Real Estate Market

The housing trends are always shifting, making it feel impossible to keep up with the market if you don’t work in the industry. As a homeowner, you don’t need to spend your time scouring through the real estate news and evaluating the way the economy will impact your real estate holdings. Instead, lean on the services of an experienced real estate agent who can guide your decisions when buying or selling a home.

2019 Suburban Shift

So, what should you expect this year in the real estate market? One of the greatest trends predicted for 2019 is in what is known as the “suburban shift.” The largest growing demographic of homebuyers is the millennial generation, and many of these buyers are looking for single-family homes. As a result, the demand is growing outside of major cities.

These homebuyers want easy access to the downtown area so they can work and play. At the same time, they want the quiet, family-focused neighborhoods to raise children and build family memories over the years.

Moving to the suburban neighborhoods makes sense, especially after spending 5 or 10 years living downtown and paying high rents. While the big cities offer excitement and conveniences, it’s hard to imagine settling down with a family in a tiny downtown apartment. A move to the suburbs offers bigger homes, great schools for the kids, and lower real estate prices.

How the Real Estate Markets Will Be Affected

As the millennial generation continues to shift to the suburban areas, it is expected that home prices in these neighborhoods will stay strong. The competition will remain high for single-family homes, and it is anticipated that there will be an ongoing demand for affordable housing.

Of course, there is no way to predict real estate trends with certainty. But high demand is always a factor that keeps prices strong. If you own a suburban home, it’s good news for your investment! You can expect that your home value will stay strong for the foreseeable future.

If you are preparing to buy a suburban home, then it is essential to work with the right real estate team that understands the local industry. The most effective option for leveraging any real estate trend is to ensure that you have a knowledgeable real estate professional to offer the best guidance for your situation.

DUFFY Realty is here to help! We’ve been serving the Atlanta real estate industry for many years and have developed an excellent reputation in the area. We know the best solutions for maximizing your real estate investment based on current housing trends and we’d love to help with your real estate investment. Whether you are preparing to buy or sell a home, we invite you to call us so you can learn about the best strategy for the current industry: (678) 318-1700

Toys for Tots & DUFFY Realty

Toys for Tots & DUFFY Realty

Year after year we have continued the tradition of raising and matching the toys for Toys for Tots.

Here is the post that we have run every year!  THOUSANDS of Toys have been raised and matched by DUFFY and semi trucks have to come to pick them up!  THANK you DUFFY Clients and supporters.  YOU ROCK!

How to Clear the Clutter in Your Home Office

How to Clear the Clutter in Your Home Office

Whether you are preparing to sell your home or you are looking for solutions to improve your current living conditions, it is essential that you consider the quality of your home office. As a busy, working parent it can be easy to let your office fall to the backburner because you are spending your time having fun with the family. As a result, your desk might be piled high with papers, and you could be dealing with clutter around the room.

A messy office can negatively impact your productivity when you are working. Additionally, a cluttered office can set the wrong impression if you are showing the property to potential buyers. Before you take photos for your real estate listing, it is essential that you take action to clean up the mess and prepare your home to sell.

Here are a few tips to help you clean up your home office:

Visualize What You Want to Create

How would you like the office to look when you are done with the decluttering? Cleaning up your office could involve more than just filing the excess paperwork. Consider making it a fun project by adding new accessories to the room or updating the furniture.

Holding this picture in your mind can help you to find the motivation that is needed to get the job done right. You might print out an inspirational photo that you find on Pinterest or a home office website to use as inspiration.

Set a Schedule

How long have you had the intention to clean up your home office? A good intention isn’t going to matter if you aren’t willing to put in the work and set a deadline. Decide on a day that you want to finish the cleaning. Make sure that you set aside time in your busy schedule so that you can successfully meet your goal.

Get Rid of Tabletop Clutter

You can’t throw away everything in the room, but you can create an organized system for storage. Invest in high-quality storage containers that will hold these items. Choose decorated containers to add a pop of color and improve the visual décor of the room.

When it comes to visual clutter, the biggest offenders are often papers on the desk or files that are overstuffed. If you can, try to keep the paperwork behind closed doors to create a calming effect in the room. Don’t just stuff the papers away… make sure that you sort through the paperwork so that you can shred anything that is no longer needed.

Create a System

A one-time cleanup can quickly be unraveled if you go back to your old habits. So, make sure that you put a system in place to stay ahead of the paperwork each day. Then, decide on a regular time every week to handle the paperwork and stay ahead of the mess.

Here at DUFFY Realty, we can share other tips to help you prepare your home for the real estate market. If you are ready to sell, then we invite you to contact us to learn more: (678) 318-1700

How to Buy a Home, Even with Bad Credit

How to Buy a Home, Even with Bad Credit

Are you anxious to move into your dream home, but you are worried about the way your credit score will impact your ability to finance the purchase? If you are getting ready to buy your dream home, then you need to look at mortgage options that are available. A bad credit score doesn’t mean that you won’t be approved for a loan. But, you might need to work with the lender to meet the financing requirements.

Here are four steps that you can follow to buy a house, even if you have a low credit score:

Offer a Big Down Payment

People with a credit score under 580 definitely need to have a large down payment ready when they want to purchase a home. Even if your credit score is a little higher, you still need to be prepared with a larger than normal down payment to compensate for your low credit score.

If possible, aim for a down payment of at least 20%. This effort shows the lender that you have the ability to carry the loan and it helps to lower your loan-to-value ratio.

Have a Conversation with the Lender

Many financing institutions use computerized systems that provide an automatic approval or denial. But, just because the computer says that you are ineligible, doesn’t mean that you can’t get the financing that you need. Lenders have the option to underwrite the financing manually.

During this conversation, you need to show financial stability despite the low credit score. Provide proof of on-time payments for the past year or a savings account with at least six months of expenses for emergencies. You will also need to be prepared to explain the conditions that caused your credit score to be so low.

Find Private Financing

If you are unable to get a home loan through a financial institution, then you might consider private options. Some sellers will offer a lease-to-buy contract. You will be able to move into the home and lease the property for a while to rebuild your credit history. Then, the sale can be finalized, and you can take ownership of the home.

Another private option is to find a family member or friend who is willing to lend you the money. A private loan can come from any person or company with the money to pay for the property. Before the transaction, the terms will be negotiated to ensure that it is a fair deal for both parties. This financing could be risky to your relationship, but you don’t have to meet certain credit requirements for the loan.

If you are ready to rebuild your credit so that you can buy a home, then you need to talk to our team at DUFFY Realty. We can refer you to the financial professionals who will help you qualify for the mortgage that you need. Contact us for more information about buying a real estate property in Atlanta: (678) 318-1700

A Guide to Buying a Home in Your 30’s

A Guide to Buying a Home in Your 30's

Everyone will agree that housing needs change during different stages of life. It is rare for someone to move into a home and stay in that same location for the remainder of their life. When you are buying a property, it is important to consider your current needs and how your requirements might be different in the future.

When you are in your 30’s, you are most likely focused on your career and your children. This time in your life is very different from the days of bachelorhood in your 20’s, or the type of home empty-nesters will want later in life. Home buyers in their 30’s are usually focused on lifestyle and family culture.

Here are a few tips to help you find the right property during this time in your life:

Upgrading to a Larger Home

If you are planning to have kids, then you need to make sure that you have a home large enough for the family. Several extra bedrooms will be needed, as well as a playroom and a backyard play area. Some homes or condos don’t have the backyard space when you are living in the city, but you can pick a location that is near a park.

Think about the current size of your family as well as how many kids you would like to have in the future. Then, you can pick a home that gives you the space to grow into it over the next 5 or 10 years.

Budget and Lifestyle

You might be able to afford a bigger home right now, but you also need to consider your life priorities to determine your overall budget. Just because you have qualified for a bigger mortgage, doesn’t mean that you need to spend all of that money. The best solution is to “rightsize” your home by finding a property that is the perfect size for what you need.

Some families choose a slightly smaller home so that there is enough money in the budget for vacations and fun activities with the family. For example, you can save a little on your monthly mortgage payments to ensure that you have money to pay for NFL tickets and a family vacation to the beach each year.

Location, Location, Location

Not only do you need a property that provides a convenient commute to work, but you also need to consider how the location will impact your kids. Research the school districts in the area and look at the amenities that might be helpful as you are raising young children.

It is also important to think about the neighborhood where you will moving. Are there other friends in the area for your kids to play with?

Need Help Finding a Home?

Here at DUFFY Realty, we understand how lifestyle changes at different ages. Our goal is to help you find a property that is perfect for your current situation. Call us for more information about buying a home in Atlanta or the surrounding areas: (678) 318-1700

Does Your Real Estate Agent have an Incentive to Lower Your Price?

Does Your Real Estate Agent have an Incentive to Lower Your Price?

When you choose a real estate agent, the hope is that you can find an agent who will have your best interests in mind. An experienced agent will offer advice and suggestions to help you maximize the equity in your home and avoid common pitfalls that can occur along the way. To protect your family’s financial interests, you need to be sure that you are cautious to choose the right agent when you are ready to buy or sell a home.

Traditional Commission Structures Affect the Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents who are still working with traditional commission structures might have the best intentions to help with the purchase or sale of a home. But, there are situations that arise that might impact their decisions, causing the agent to put their own interests above the interests of the homeowner.

For example, old-fashioned agents might have an incentive to encourage people to lower their price. If the agent is anxious to sell because they want the commission, then they might tell a homeowner to go with a lower price to speed up the time that it takes to sell the home. The agent knows that they won’t receive a dime until the home closes, so they will do anything that needs to be done to finish the sale.

While it is important to speed up the process of selling a home, this strategy should never put the interests of the agent over the interests of the seller.

The Benefits of Flat-Fee Commissions

On the other hand, a flat-fee real estate agent doesn’t have the need to push the homeowner into lowering the selling price. With a flat-fee structure, the fee is a fixed rate regardless of the time that it takes to sell the home. This fee structure ensures that the agent will keep the customer’s interests as a priority.

DUFFY Realty: Leading Atlanta Real Estate Team

Here at DUFFY Realty, we have been working hard to provide the best real estate services in the greater Atlanta area. We know that our reputation is based on the experience that our customers receive. So, we are always looking for ways to improve the outcome for each person that works with our team.

You can rest assured to know that we always have your best interests in mind. We have a flat-fee commission structure that helps you save money and optimize your equity when you are buying or selling a home.

Our real estate team is a family-focused group. We want to be sure that you have a positive experience and you can find the property that will work best for the needs of your family. If you are getting ready to buy or sell a home, then we encourage you to contact us right away for more information about the services that we offer. We are here to help: (678) 318-1700

Even Kids Like to Hear the Classics at Concerts

Even Kids Like to Hear the Classics at Concerts


It is exciting to hear that your favorite band is coming to the area! Many parents are inclined to buy two tickets and leave the kids at home. But, instead of making it a couple’s night out… why not consider planning a family fun night?

Even though you assume that your kids won’t want to go, there are many times when concerts provide the perfect opportunity to create family memories and build relationships together.

Introduce Your Kids to Your Music

Have you played your favorite album in the car or the kitchen, and your kids heard you singing along? You might be surprised to know how much your kids have been exposed to the music that you listened to many years ago.

Classics are often played on the radio, at dances, and in movies. If your kids haven’t heard the music before, they just might have a great time being introduced to the music that you loved.

Getting Ready Before the Concert

If you are planning to take the family to see a concert with older music, make sure that your kids have some exposure before the show. Play the music at home when you get a chance. You might even make it an event by taking your kids to a store that sells original vinyl records with tracks that may be played at the concert.

Sometimes these old concerts might have the original band members. Other times, it is a cover band playing the music. Either way, you will be able to expose your family to the music that you loved so much when you were younger.

Building Family Relationships

As a parent, it is important that you take opportunities to build relationships with your kids. Music can help to solidify the memories, building family traditions that will last a lifetime. How often do you associate a song with a specific memory? Concerts and other music-related activities will give your kids a chance to build these memories for themselves.

Spending more time together means that you can strengthen your relationships. You can have fun, dance, and create a night that will be worth remembering. Improve the experience by going out to dinner together or planning another activity along with the concert.

Another way that you can build lasting memories with your children is by attending newer concerts with their favorite musicians. It might not be your dream to see Beyonce on stage, but your kids might be over-the-top excited when they get the concert tickets for Christmas.

Are you looking for ways to strengthen your relationships with your family? Make sure that you have the right home to support your goals. Here at DUFFY Realty, we can help you find the home of your dreams. Call us for more information about the services that we offer: (678) 318-1700

Is it the Right Time to Sell Your Home and Move Your Family?

Is it the Right Time to Sell Your Home and Move Your Family?

It can be a difficult decision to sell your home and move your family to a new location. How do you know if the timing is right? As a parent, you are probably feeling the burden of providing the best experience for your children, so it makes sense that you are looking at the quality of your home and how it is impacting your child’s experiences.

These are a few factors that you should consider to help you decide if you should move your family to a new home:

Comfort and Space at Home

Do you feel cramped and uncomfortable in your home? If you don’t have enough space, then it is possible that the home is having a negative impact on your family’s attitudes. It is fun to spend time together, but people also need a little bit of personal time to enjoy family time more fully.

As your children get older, consider the benefits of allowing them to have their own bedrooms so that they can be independent and learn how to manage themselves. It is common for children to share bedrooms when they are young, but it is important that they have their own space as they get older.

Also, walk through every room in your home to determine if the property is too cramped. If you feel like everything is tightly fit into your home, then it might be a great time to upgrade to a bigger property.

Hosting and Parties

If you enjoy inviting family and friends over for holidays and backyard events, then you need to make sure that you have the right property to host the party. Look at the backyard, kitchen, and gathering areas in your home. By having the right home, you can ensure that everyone will have a good experience when they show up for the gathering.

In addition to the gathering areas in the home, also consider where the guests will sleep if they will be staying the night. For example, it is fun to invite extended family to enjoy the holidays in your home. But, everyone will be happier if your mother-in-law has her own bedroom so that she isn’t sleeping in a public room or intruding on the bedroom of one of your children.

Schools and Social Activities

Another important consideration is the quality of education that your children are receiving. Sometimes, moving might be right to help your children gain better access to high-quality public schools and the right circle of friends. Location is everything because it will impact the experience that your children have as they grow up.

When you are ready to find a dream home for your family, we invite you to contact our experienced team here at DUFFY Realty. We are always focused on the satisfaction of our customers, and we want to help you during this time of transition. Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of buying a new home: (678) 318-1700

7 Reminders to Offer Prospective Clients – Inman.com

Rhonda Duffy is a featured author on Inman.com with an article called “7 Reminders to Offer Prospective Clients”. Here is an excerpt from the site:

“The value you can give your clients will depend largely on your experience, knowledge, resources and the volume of transactions your agency handles. Reminding clients what you do for them and being transparent throughout the process could save you sales and add to your referral business.

Here’s why:


A major contributing factor to these stats, as we found in recent research, was a lack of property guidance from agents.

Guidance is a critical part of the services agents must provide. It’s the agent’s job to keep the client informed throughout the entire process. Our business depends on being able to provide value and help buyers and sellers save money, time and headaches.”

To read the full article and to find out the 7 Reminders to Offer Clients, please click here!