DIY Moving vs. Professional Movers: The Pros and Cons

Moving is always a mammoth task to undertake. In light of the challenges, many people decide their best chance of success is to hire professional movers. But while this certainly has its advantages, it also has its drawbacks. DIY moving also has pluses and minuses. So, what exactly should you consider when deciding whether to […]

Antitrust Efforts Against the “Real Estate Cartel”

Is the real estate industry being stifled by “cartel” activity, happening among agents who want to maintain fat commissions and big paydays? The Consumer Federation of America (CFA), an organization that focuses on consumer rights, has found that antitrust steps need to be taken to avoid the trend of higher home prices, stifled competition, and […]

5 Tips For Buying Your First Home

First time home buyers often wonder if they’re making a big mistake when they start to buy their first home. The idea of committing to a house and a mortgage payment can feel worrying and unsettling. On the other hand, the allure of owning your own place can also feel exciting! Before you jump into […]

Fed Rate Changes Affect the Real Estate Industry

The recent Fed meeting brought about a surprising change in the direction of interest rates and Fed rate changes affect the real estate industry. In other meetings, the decision was to maintain the same rates, or even to increase rates just a bit. But in the latest Fed meeting, they decided to drop interest rates. […]

When Does the Real Estate Season Start?

Are you trying to figure out the right timing to buy or sell a home? It is smart to consider the trends in the economy and real estate season so that you can maximize the equity available from your investment. We often hear customers ask us about the start of the real estate season because […]

6 Reasons Why Atlanta FSBO is a Bad Idea

6 Reasons Why Atlanta For Sale By Owner is a Bad Idea When DUFFY Realty Exists When you are trying to save money, sticking a “For Sale By Owner” sign in the yard might seem like a simple solution. Atlanta real estate agents charge thousands of dollars in commissions, so it is easy to see […]

Is 2019 the Year You Will Buy a Home?

January ushers in a season when many people are thinking about their goals for 2019. Have you set a few New Year’s resolutions with the intention to improve yourself or your circumstances this year? While many people think about goals to improve health and wellness, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of improving your home for […]

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Family: A Safe, Comfortable Home

As you are wrapping gifts to put under the tree, it is important to think about the best gift you can give your family might not fit into a box. It is fun to open toys and clothes on Christmas morning, but these items often get lost in the back of the closets after the […]

Halloween: A Great Time to Scout a Neighborhood Where You Want to Buy

The weather is cooling down, and costumes are showing up in all of the stores. As you are picking out pumpkins for the front porch, it might be a good time to consider your options for a home purchase this season. Halloween is approaching at the end of the month, which means that many families […]

Is Pod Storage a Good Idea When Selling Your Home?

When you are preparing to list your home on the real estate market, there is one common piece of advice that you will hear from your real estate agent: clear the clutter in the home. Even if you don’t feel like you have a lot of stuff, it is important to make the rooms look […]