Timeliness is Important!

Timeliness is Important! Our agent was very friendly and responded to our requests very promptly to any email or phone call. She also did everything she could to meet with us at any given time. The only frustrating part was it seemed like every house we wanted to look at was already under contract by […]

How to Invest in Facebook With Less Risk (If You Still Want To)

By Ross Kenneth Urken

(As Published On – www.dailyfinance.com)
Even for expert stock pickers, it’s difficult to make a fully educated investment in the social media sphere. As Friday’s Facebook IPO — and its gory aftermath …

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures We’re not truly in desperate times.  In fact, with inventory low, we’re in a seller’s market.  The news and the buyers just haven’t caught up with this fact.  However, even small tactics can make a difference, as detailed in this article that includes a contribution from Rhonda.  It offers […]

Excellent Care from Duffy Realty when Buying and Selling

My wife and I closed on our dream house yesterday, after a long but successful short sale! I’ve used Duffy Realty several times before to sell a house with great results. This past spring, my wife and I decided now was a great time to start looking for a larger and newer home, given the […]

When you love your home…

Many people ask me what is necessary to sell a home in today’s market. My response is LOVE. The pouring of love onto your home is a simple thing that you can do and everyone knows that love is an action.

Buying Resale Homes Vs. Buying Foreclosures or Short sales

As a Buyer’s Agent I am finding that most all buyers in today’s market want a DEAL! They start out wanting to buy a foreclosure or short sale because they have all heard through the media what great deals they can get that way. I try to explain to them that both foreclosures and short […]

You’re buying a new home. Should you work with the listing agent? A buyer agent? An attorney?

We recently showed in this post why working with a good buyer agent can be a huge benefit to a home buyer. A listing agent can’t provide you with the level of service and advocacy that you should expect from an agent in today’s market. Remember, the listing agent works for her client, the seller. […]

How To Know You Got The Best Deal When Purchasing

Most buyers in today’s market are concerned about getting a good deal. This really is no different than most markets, but there seems to be a special emphasis placed on the “deal” now. So, here are the steps to making sure that you get the best deal possible: 1. Negotiate the best mortgage terms possible. […]

The Importance of the Pre-inspection on a Home

Let’s face it. Selling a home can be stressful. For sellers to keep their sanity during a strong buyers market, a pre-inspection of the home should be a prerequisite prior to listing. Every seller thinks they have the best house on the best lot in the best neighborhood, but they may not know what secrets […]