Visiting Homes: What You Need To Know To Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

During the search for your next home, you will visit many properties and you need to be proactive in finding out more information about the property and the community. At Duffy Realty of Atlanta, we know that, as a buyer, you have the right to know and ask about any pertinent information about a property. […]

Preventive Medicine For Your Home

We all know that one the largest assets we will own in our lifetime is our home.   I’ve never really seen a ton of good articles on the cost of home ownership, but having personally owned over a half dozen homes, I can tell you that all homes required their fair share of upkeep.    Even though we may not be in the market to sell our homes, we are constantly watching the sale of our neighbors homes or checking out the prices on websites like Zillow to see where the value of our home stands.     We can convince ourselves that our home is in tip top shape until the time we get an offer on the home contingent on the dreaded home inspection.    A good home inspector gets paid in part to look within every nook and cranny in the house to find out what may be wrong with the property.    After the inspection, we can almost become incensed that the inspector may have found something foundationally wrong or something…

We Had a Great Experience – Duffy Realty

We Had a Great Experience – Duffy Realty We have been very impressed with Warren Savage and Duffy Reality during our house hunting process. I was contacted by another company, but it was Warren who sent an email and made a phone call. He was very personable and friendly on the phone and immediately began […]

Top 10 Things You Need To Do To Get Your Lender to Do A Short Sale

1. Bring them a willing and able buyer. 2. Prove your hardship. 3. Provide updated and complete bank statements with limited spending shown for non-essentials. 4. Take a patience class to help you sit around and wait. 5. Keep your buyer in place by inviting them to the home over and over for various reasons. […]

Warning Signs That You Need To Do A Short Sale

If you are experiencing a period of time where you can’t pay your mortgage payment or you are short but are sending in your payments, you may need to do a short sale. After a couple of months of non-payment or short pay, you will find that the penalties accumulate to a point of no […]

You Really Must Use Duffy Realty to Buy Your Next Home

Duffy Realty has been a joy to work with. We loved that agency acknowledges the level of effort buyers put into house hunting and amount of research they do online before asking an agent to see a property. The online interface they use to show us our search criteria results was very user friendly, and […]

What If There Is Land Around The House That Is Not Built On?

Here lies the problem for many people. One neighborhood in Cumming Georgia was surprised when a Lowes was built looking down on their home and the security lights of the shopping center were over their homes all night. Someone else I know was shocked to find that a public school was slated to go at […]

Why You Should Talk To The Neighbors

As you heard me speak of today on Real Estate Insight with Ilyce Glink, talking to the neighbors is key and critical to your success of making a good buying decision when purchasing a home. First lets start with why you should talk to the neighbors. Neighbors, although they may attempt to not be nosey, […]

The Art of Negotiating

Well, this seems simple enough – don’t lose your shirt. All kidding aside, most people don’t know how to negotiate a contract, or at least one that they won’t regret later. So, here are some guidelines to making a sound decision while making some money. This article is for home sellers, but you home buyers, […]

5 things to never tell a buyer

A buyer is looking at your home and asks a question. Be careful what you say, as it can cost you much more than you realize. As a seller, you may find yourself at home when a buyer is looking at your home. In most cases, it’s smart to leave during the showing. If you […]