Reasons to become a homeowner.

When I was 25, I purchased my first home. It seemed to be the right thing to do and I thought that it was definitely the next step in life. Everyone follows the steps, right? You know the steps, college, find a job, get married, buy a home, and have a kid… Well, I did these in some order the wrong way, but anyway, I was single and I figured, hey I should own a home.Continue reading

Procrastinators Beware! Listen Up!

Procrastinators:  Listen Up!
A big enabler of perpetual procrastination is what I like to call, “Southern Hospitality Syndrome.” Simply put, this is when you have a habit of being kinder to others than you care to …

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The Real Estate Powerhouse

Rhonda Duffy is The Real Estate Powerhouse. She got her nickname from the fact that she has sold over 6,500 homes in just 6 years, and that is just on the listing side of her business. Many people over the years have asked her what one element brought her such success. Her staff would say consistency has led her to her success, but Rhonda will tell you another story.

Rhonda states that her success comes from a willingness to be opinion less.

That means that she gathers information on a daily basis, processes how that information could impact a house sale and then gives the information to her clients willingly, no matter how stupid the idea sounds. This empowers her clients to either choose or not to choose her feedback. Rhonda does not give personal opinion about whether or not the idea will work. She just processes in her mind if it is “doable” during the house selling process. This one step of running the criteria on the ideas has helped formulate the most empowering and powerful program in the history of home sales in Atlanta, Georgia.

Few people have the skills that Rhonda has to look at something, run a common sense examination on it and then tweak it for maximum performance. Yet, when Rhonda re-frames the thinking of anyone she talks to by using her Neuro Linguistic Training (NLP) it seems to make sense.

Rhonda is also balancing her thoughts and the criteria that she runs on an idea with energy. The use of energy and breathing can reveal many elements to an idea that will take that idea right over the top and make it work. And the fact that few people have this skill is really nonsense. Rhonda believes that everyone has this skill, they just don’t have the tools yet to use this skill.

Rhonda is also in a continuing state of learning. “When you apply curiosity to your life, you empower yourself to accept thinking that you were ignoring before,” says Rhonda. “Curiosity is the root to happiness and self esteem. If you continually look at things the way you always have and keep getting the same results you always have, and yet you don’t desire those results, you would qualify as insane. You must seek different and more challenging results in life to maintain a balance of joy and happiness. Of course I am not saying to ignore your own values. However, you do need to make sure that you have a valid reason to have that value. Sometimes we don’t know how, when or why we have certain beliefs. That is really dangerous when it is applied to choices that you make everyday and then coach others on”, Duffy adds.

So, consistency and curiosity to see how something would and will work when applied to the situation are the two keys to being a Powerhouse. It really is quite simple, isn’t it?

For more information on Rhonda Duffy, The Real Estate Powerhouse, go to or call 678-366-7846.

How To Make Money On Your Home

Making money on your home is key to many of you. My clients report that they simply would not consider owning a home that they did not make some profit on. The thought of taking a check to closing is repulsive. Here is what I want you to know about making money on your home.

The obvious things about home ownership that make you money…

 The whole time that you live in a home, if it is your primary residence, you are saving on your taxes. In other words, you can either use your money to pay for a place to call your own that you are buying, or you can pay more taxes.

 The home ownership experience lends itself to your higher self-esteem. Self-esteem will lead you to making more money in all aspects of your life.

 The home gives you a place to do all of your handyman experiences on your own dime with your own result of profit, or not.

 As your mortgage payments are made over the years, your equity stake in the investment in your home, in most cases, will rise and your debt will fall.

But, on to how to make money on your home…

 Keep your home maintained the whole time that you live there.

 Keep your home clean and especially clean it well when you are selling it. Clean homes make 3 to 4% more money than dirty homes.

 Market your home at a high price instead of what your naive neighbors or low-balling agent of the neighborhood recommends. Go with your gut and go high. You will never get a high price if you don’t ask for it.

 Sell your home with a listing company that has low listing commission fees. Most homeowner’s profit is used up in selling commissions. You now have alternatives.

 Sell your home Staged and maybe throw in some furniture.

 Get every tool available to make your home look its best on the internet. Virtual tours, Staging, Videos and anything else that you can find. The first showing to potential buyers is on the internet. By the time that the buyer comes to your home in person, it is really the second showing.

 Offer a home warranty in lieu of some of the inspection items. If this is not enough for the buyer, tell them that you will give them 5 service call deductibles to cover future costs.

 To make a good deal on the sale of your home, it is imperative to make a good deal when buying it. Use an experienced agent to help you buy. They are a valued resource and cost you nothing. In fact, in my company we split out our commission with our buyer clients for helping us find them the home.

The Future Of Realty

If I had a crystal ball, I would be rich. So would you if you had one. But since I don’t I will have to use an educated guess to forecast what real estate will be in 10 years, 20 years and beyond. Real estate is changing right before our eyes and if you look back, who would have known that the simple tool that we all have become addicted to would have changed real estate to what it is today. The Internet has impacted the power that real estate agents have and it is making a smarter world smarter.

Information changes everything. Where in the past, real estate agents could hold information about what was listed on the market for purchase, now the buyers tell agents what they want to see. Where in the past, real estate agents, were the only ones who could tell sellers and buyers what property values were in the past and present, now the public tells the agent what it is in a testing fashion seeing if the agent is as smart as the agent thinks they are. Where in the past, the buyer needed a real estate agent to take them all over town showing them the area, now, the buyer uses a GPS and tells the agent when they are ready to see the house.

So, where does that leave the real estate agent?

Real estate agents will be needed IF:

We hone our skills for making a win-win between buyers and sellers and realize that these folks need unemotional thinkers that see a light at the end of the tunnel, not just a commission.

We use unbiased information on what it takes to sell a home that we gather from our clients. We can no longer have opinions on whether open houses work or not just because we don’t want to do them. The public has power and they will research everything you tell them is right or wrong on the Internet.

We build databases of research links that point buyers and sellers to information that they need.

We have a gameplan that is going to take them through a very easy process yet empower them at the end with self-esteem and a job well done.

We recognize that a seller does not want to take a check to closing and we help them understand better that the condition of the home has more weight than a low asking price because buyers are emotional and need to feel a good connection with the home they are buying.

Basically, in my opinion, the Internet empowers people. It removes fear and panic by giving knowledge. If we don’t ride the train of empowerment with our clients instead of giving them some magical hocus-pocus that we have presented all these years as agents acting as if we are in charge of whether their house sells or not, we will be lost with the times. Empowerment is the name of the game. The more you give to your clients, the more you thrive.

Why You Should Own Your Home

When I was 25, I purchased my first home. It seemed to be the right thing to do and I thought that it was definitely the next step in life. Everyone follows the steps, right? You know the steps, college, find a job, get married, buy a home, and have a kid… Well, I did these in some order the wrong way, but anyway, I was single and I figured, hey I should own a home.

I found a for sale by owner who wanted to sell his home and happened to have an assumable mortgage (this was the early eighties). The house was
$35K in Lubbock, Texas where I went to school and was around the college. Now these were not palaces, but they were nice homes. 2 bedroom, 2 baths, living room, kitchen and great, huge yards.

I believe this one step did send me on a path of accomplishment. I took one of the biggest steps in life, blew through it and have gone on from there. Do you think that taking one of the most honored dreams in America and accomplishing it is the path to future accomplishments?

Anyway, now, to the reasons to own a home in my opinion:

1. Instant self-esteem – the fact that you have earned the right to own a home means that you have saved money (in most instances), have good credit that a bank sees as okay and that you have the guts to commit to living somewhere for awhile because you can’t leave as easily as you can when you rent somewhere.

2. Building a nest egg in your equity instead of paying rent. Some people really rely on this equity because they figure that they can not save any other way and they were wasting the money with their landlord.

3. Plenty of handyman experience opportunities. It is true that the more that you attempt in life, the bigger your self-esteem. Homeownership, unlike renting, gives you an opportunity to tackle big and small jobs with your own property at risk. In my house, I did projects all the time, like the time that I painted my kitchen pepto bismol pink. Now that was some risk!

4. You can become a landlord if you like. Many people don’t know how to make someone else stick to a contract. This definitely tries your skills.

5. You get a tax savings. The structure of our current tax model allows the government to pay part of your payment for you because you get a tax break.

6. You establish roots and security. This can be good or bad for some people but most people say that they would prefer to have a place to call home, which I believe means that they own the home.

7. You can get as many pets as you want – county ordinances allowing of course. I made the mistake of picking up stray dogs often. No one said that I couldn’t!

8. And of course, the most frustrating part of homeownership for many of us is… you get to use your emergency fund often while keeping your temper. There is nothing more frustrating than having an unexpected appliance leak all over the floor and ruin the flooring while having to replace the appliance too. This is all part of making you stronger… if there are no difficulties in life, you are dead. One of the six human needs is uncertainty according to Tony Robbins and this will certainly add a little drama and variety to your life.

So, that is my list of why everyone should own a home. If you have not had the opportunity to experience any of these yet, jump on the bandwagon. I will see you there.