Low Commission Real Estate Allows a Seller to Keep Their Sanity

When Sellers and Buyers evaluate the cost of real estate fees they are appalled that real estate agents make the amount of money that they do.  Unfortunately, they don’t have all of the details of what a real estate agent does in a Seller transaction or Buyer transaction to ascertain how much they should be making.

There is an alternative.  There is a local low commission real estate broker in Atlanta that saves Sellers and Buyers Sanity and Equity.  Because let’s face it, it doesn’t matter who pays the real estate commission, it is baked into the deal.

So let’s discuss why real estate commissions at 5, 6 or 7% are ridiculous.  First, the internet is doing the work of advertising the property and it does a really good job at it.  It shows detailed information like taxes, schools, home owner association fees and square footage.  Then it doubles down to show 40 photos of every detail of the home.  It allows the shopper to zoom into every corner of the home.

So what else is important about a low commission real estate broker in Atlanta?  Local means that the agent understands legal trends, appraisal problems, forms that are customary to the area and whether the state is an attorney closing state or escrow company state.  But really, once you have done a couple of monthly contracts, shouldn’t you know all of that?

Forms are held in our databases in the multiple listing service where an agent lists the property for it to feed to the internet and end up on places like Zillow.com, Realtor.com, Coldwell Banker and the agent’s own website.  Frankly it goes to thousands of websites.  And, brokers and agents are not able to pick and choose where the property is being advertised.  It is all or nothing.

So as a Seller ponders who to list their property with to ultimately end up the vast internet portals of anonymous buyers, they should mostly consider is there a low commission real estate broker in Atlanta that can 1) advertise the property and 2) handle the necessities to get to closing in a legal capacity that keeps them from being sued in the future.

But let’s talk about the most important part of the transaction.  The profit of the sale.  The equity.  The numbers!  If you are committed to selling your property with a huge and ridiculous amount of commission to an agent, that really messes up your negotiation potential to make a deal work and swipes at your profit.  The good news is that it is not necessary.  Period.  Not necessary.

DUFFY Realty came to metro Atlanta in 2002 with the same model that is used today.  After 39,000 sales of homes as a low commission real estate broker in Atlanta, the rhythm of sales that is done on a daily basis is so smooth that we can barely add any drama to make it seem that we should even be making around 1%.  This is not rocket science and at the end of the day, sellers are paying us for our rhythm.  Our well oiled machine.  The result of getting their property off of their books and on to the next person and never hearing about the property sale again.  It is hard for us to make this complicated.  It just isn’t.

Now for Buyers, with the Seller paying the full real estate commission to an agent, you might think, how could that wreck up my sale?  As we discussed earlier, as ridiculous fees are incorporated in the sale, the profit margin for the future is reduced.

Again the buying proposition is simple too.  As a low commission real estate broker in Atlanta, we have simplified the sale and put the searching in the Buyer’s hands where it belongs because we can’t stop them from looking on their own.   When our Buyer Clients do the searching and then tell us what they want to see in person, we share a DUFFY Buyer Client Incentive of up to 1.5% of the sales price.

So, bottom line, if you are someone that bought or is buying a property as an investment, PROTECT your EQUITY and Sanity by using a real estate broker that is competent, has a process and has created results because let’s face it, real estate has changed.

You can find the powerful DUFFY Realty who has been serving Metro Atlanta since 2002 at www.DUFFYRealtyATL.com.  Be prepared to be frugal, calm and learn a few things.