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Rhonda Duffy is a featured author on Inman.com with an article called “7 Reminders to Offer Prospective Clients”. Here is an excerpt from the site:

“The value you can give your clients will depend largely on your experience, knowledge, resources and the volume of transactions your agency handles. Reminding clients what you do for them and being transparent throughout the process could save you sales and add to your referral business.

Here’s why:


A major contributing factor to these stats, as we found in recent research, was a lack of property guidance from agents.

Guidance is a critical part of the services agents must provide. It’s the agent’s job to keep the client informed throughout the entire process. Our business depends on being able to provide value and help buyers and sellers save money, time and headaches.”

To read the full article and to find out the 7 Reminders to Offer Clients, please click here!

Duffy Realty Buyer Testimonial from Battles


Here are what some of our happy homeowners have to say about Duffy Realty’s Buyer Agent Team:

I wanted to personally thank you for the hard work in helping us find our dream home. The Duffy team, with their “can do” attitudes and straight forward approach, made this process stress free. We are extremely happy and would recommend Duffy Realty to our friends and family. Thank you Duffy Realty for making our dream home a reality!” F. Hardy – Stockbridge

My experience with Duffy Realty was fantastic from start to finish. Both Josh and Terrell were available at the drop of a hat to help us, and they walked us through the procedure from day one. I would highly recommend Duffy Realty to everyone!” M. McConnell – Roswell

Justin was a fantastic realtor and the experience was wonderful. We were able to schedule showings of homes around our crazy schedules, which was a huge bonus and we were also able to get all the advice and support we needed throughout the process with just a simple text/call/email. If we had to do it all again I would use Duffy Realty, no question. We love our new home and can’t wait to make many great memories here!” J. Battles – Kennesaw

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Duffy Delivered More than Expected

Given Duffy’s rebate, we expected that our service might be a little subpar, but that we’d get a financial payoff in the end – we thought it would be a tradeoff. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Caroline Gamma was an exceptional agent and advocate for us. When we needed to move quickly, she was ahead of us. When there were kinks in the process, she was quick to help us iron them out. She was very solution focused and confidently guided us through the process. I will recommend Duffy Realty to my friends and family. We’ll also use Duffy when we list our condo. Thanks for everything!!!

Marketing Tips

Are you asking yourself, ‘What can I do to get more traffic’?

The answer may not be as puzzling as you think. Real estate professionals know the natural laws of the market are usually quite predictable. And a little analysis could reveal the truth.Continue reading

Money is still available!

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of calls from concerned sellers that are worried any potential buyer will not be able to get a home loan. If you watch the news every day, it certainly seems like the sky is falling, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is tougher to get a loan now because guidelines have tightened, but not because money isn’t available.

I recently read an article that gave a good example of this…imagine you owned a pizza shop in a college town. Every time you got an order from a residence, you made the pizza and delivered it. The customer that ordered it answered the door and paid you. That type of customer basically had no risk for the shop owner.

Now, imagine some guys in a fraternity house playing a trick on another house. They call the same pizza shop and order ten pies, and ask that they be delivered to their rivals next door. The pizzas are made and the driver is dispatched, only to be told at the door that no one ordered the pizzas. They have just wasted 10 pizzas that they didn’t get paid for.

So, as a result of the losses, the pizza shop decides to not accept anymore delivery orders from fraternity row. That would be a good business decision, right? In years past, the government has prevented the mortgage industry from making these risk-based decisions. They have demanded equal lending opportunities, whether the borrower was a good risk or not. Now, those high-risk loans are not available.

Since guidelines have been tightened, the only people who can buy homes now are the ones that are good credit risks. For those borrowers, money is abundant. The so-called credit crunch is affecting the ability to borrow for many items, but not homes. The lending industry has allowed people who really shouldn’t be buying homes to buy them, but no more. If it is a smart financial decision and you have a down payment and good credit, loans are still very easy to do.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me directly at
678-992-7100, or email me at [email protected]

Brian Yearwood
Custom Mortgage Services, Inc.

Discount FMLS Listing

Looking for a listing service that costs less than what you have heard agents quote you lately? Of course you are. Your Mama didn’t raise no dummy.

Maybe you have heard Rhonda Duffy on the radio stating that she sold 819 listings in 2007. Well that is just half the story. She did it in ½ of the time of other agents as reported by the FMLS and MLS. And, 2007 was not the only record breaking year. Rhonda Duffy seems to sell houses no matter what year it is, nor what the media is squawking about or what the political rhetoric is…

How does she do it? Magic of course. No, not really. That is what the other agents would want you to believe they have. After all, why else would you pay high commissions that you regret later or even worse that stop you from being able to accept offers from buyers because the heavy burden it places on your ability to make a deal. When your first 6 or 7% of the offer has to be paid out off the top to your traditional agent (a.k.a. your new partner) who you haven’t seen since your listing appointment, it makes it difficult to make offers like this work.

Okay, listen up. The truth is that if you add a huge commission structure to your house selling process, you will be doomed. Ask full-priced agents, are you getting offers on your clients’ properties? Yes, they will say. Then follow up with do they all close? No, they will say. Then, promptly ask them what is the margin that keeps the sale from happening? They will look at you kind of puzzled and you then say, “you know the difference between the offer price and the amount that the seller wanted”. Of course, they have not thought of this because frankly they have not thought of their sales strategy so you may have to do some specifics with them. Anyway, 20 minutes later, after you have helped them work this all out in their head, you will come up with the answer and that is that deals fall apart when the parties are separated by just 2%.

Yes, that is a small number. The gap is just 2%, but let’s put this in perspective. The buyer nailed the number so low, and the seller made concessions, but when all the dust settled, they were still apart about 2%. Voila, we have the classic buyer’s market. A buyer’s market means that buyers want a good deal and if you are not willing to give it to them, well they just move on. 2% on a $400,000 home is $8,000. 2% on a $2 million dollar home is $40,000. Everything is relevant to that buyer and seller.

That is where the brilliant Rhonda Duffy comes in… her listing program costs less than ½ of 1% on the average home. The more your home costs, then the lower the percentage of the overall cost would be because of the $500 fixed cost up front. Now, if you take the 3% commission that you will be quoted by a listing agent and subtract the ½ of 1% commission that Duffy charges, what you are left with is a huge 2.5% of wiggle room, savings, profit or whatever you want to call it. And now what to do with it. The price savings that this powerful model gives you, subsidizes the ability to offer more commission to buyer’s agents to attract more of them, quicker, to provide more concessions to a buyer to make a sale more probable or just the opportunity to put more money in your pocket.

I don’t have enough room here to tell you EVERYTHING about this program, but I will tell you, if you don’t go to Rhonda’s website, you are missing the selling boat.

I left my selling transaction empowered, smart and I know one thing for sure, I will NEVER sell or buy real estate another way. I know that you are saying never say never, but I promise, I will NEVER buy or sell real estate another way.

In the 2 transactions that I did with Rhonda and her team, I pocketed over $40,000 versus what another agent was going to charge me to list my house and not give me after I purchased. I am going to put that money down on a plane or a boat. My wife has not given me permission yet, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

– Jonas Alexander – Loyal Duffy Client

Rhonda Duffy is my hero!

7 Tips on Loving Being a Real Estate Agent

Anyone who has been in real estate for long knows that the reason for which someone gets into real estate, might not necessarily be the reason they stay in it. The perception of quick and good money in this industry is a widely held belief. One that has turned out to be a myth, for the truth is something quite different. Quick and good money will only materialize for those rare, exceptional agents that display both consistency and tenacity right out of the gate. The fact is most every agent struggles, at least at first, due to experiencing the roller coaster effect of closing deals and then having an empty pipeline void of new prospects.

Most agents that I talk to complain that when they enter the business their family is constantly nagging them about the hours that they keep and the phone calls that they choose to take at all hours of the day and night. Then, when they are not working, the agent is either at home, pouting over a lack of business or worrying about when the next client will surface and take up their time again – 24/7.

Loving real estate as a job is a change for many agents. Most are mired in the rut of attempting to make a consistent living while keeping the balance act of sharing time and attention between work and family.

Here are some ideas that I have used to keep on keeping on loving real estate.

Real estate is the backdrop of what you do. You are really in business. Real estate is just the canvas upon which you have chosen to paint and ply your craft. And anyone in business knows that you have to constantly be curious about what you do, challenge yourself to learn as much as you can and keep asking ‘what if…’ Because, ‘what if…’ means you are willing to change things in hopes of finding a better way. This does not mean expensive technology that has huge learning curves, nor does it mean changing the systems that work all the time. It means, saying things differently to get a new result. It means looking at things that are repetitive to see if there is a simpler way of doing them. And it especially means at all times, asking if the routine that you have been doing is necessary.

Ask yourself often, “What is real estate?” Defining it for yourself will open your eyes to what you love and hate about your profession which in turn allows you to connect deeper with and appreciate more what you love.

Set boundaries for yourself and your clients. This allows you to know when something is not working for you because you have already thought it out.
You can set quick boundaries by writing at the top of a paper such leading statements like; I will treat my clients with… And, my clients will not…

Try new things like video while you are showing houses. Make a series that is educational for your buyers to come.

Collect educational materials and make a file that you can give to your future buyers. Knowledge is empowering to both you and your clients. It cuts down on everyone’s confusion, which reduces stress leading to a more rewarding outcome for all involved.

Stay away from negative people in your business and your family for that matter. People who tell you that you can’t should now be considered motivational forces, if you have to hang out with them.

Do your best to find something that is funny everyday in real estate. Something amusing that happened at a house that you are showing, or something funny that your client said or something funny that you laugh at with another agent can make your day more memorable and enjoyable. Remember if something isn’t fun to you, you won’t want to do it.

The bottom line to all of this is that whether you love real estate or not, it is your choice. Your perception is reality. You can make anything that you want exactly what you want it to be.