Summer Energy Saving Tips

We all need air conditioning to stay comfortable during the soaring temperatures of the summer. But you can still stay cool while saving energy and money using our tips to prepare your home and maintain your air conditioning equipment.

How do your next door neighbors spend their money?

Didn’t you always wonder what your next door neighbor spends on their money on every year? Or maybe you were curious on whether you spend more or less than you should …

Should you finance your company with a credit card?

Should you finance your company with a credit card?
Haven’t we learned anything yet? There is always a price to pay when you borrow debt.For every $1,000 in unpaid credit card debt, a start-up business increases the probability that it will close by 2.2% on average compared with having no such debt, economics researcher Robert H. Scott said in a report released this month.

Craigslist Shopping – Money Saving Tips by Cristina Briboneria

It’s important that you have someone there to help you determine if what you want is something you should purchase at the store or on Craigslist so that you know you’ve made the right financial decisions. Click here to Visit or Call Oxygen Financial at 678-551-7955 for a consultation to learn more so you don’t feel overwhelmed while you’re shopping online! Happy hunting!!