Should You Invest in a Solar Power System for Your Home?

Is it worth the cost to install a residential solar power system in your home? If you are worried about climate change and you want to protect the environment for your children, then you might consider the benefits of this upgrade to decrease your carbon footprint. But, solar power isn’t right for every family. So, […]

Does Your Real Estate Agent have an Incentive to Lower Your Price?

When you choose a real estate agent, the hope is that you can find an agent who will have your best interests in mind. An experienced agent will offer advice and suggestions to help you maximize the equity in your home and avoid common pitfalls that can occur along the way. To protect your family’s […]

Can a National Election Affect Your Local Home Value?

With the recent presidential debate, there has been a lot of conversation around the topic of the upcoming election. People on all sides of the political spectrum are wondering how the election will play out later this year. One of the biggest questions that comes up is how the new presidential election will impact the […]

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Appraisal Results

Whether you are selling your home or getting ready to refinance, it is essential to have an appraiser complete an inspection of the property. This inspection can have a big impact on the price that you get for the home, because the selling price will be based on the value that is determined by the […]

How to Find out How Much Your Home is Worth?

Whether you are planning to sell your home or you are just curious about the property value, you might be looking into options to see how much your home is worth. The markets change, which means that home value can change as well. Keep in mind that home value estimates aren’t set in stone, because […]

Maximize Your Investment: The Rate of Return on Home Improvements

Your home is an important investment, and there are several things that need to be considered if you want to maximize the value of the property. Many people consider these factors when they are getting ready to sell their home, but these things should also be considered when you are buying a home as well. […]

Preventive Medicine For Your Home

We all know that one the largest assets we will own in our lifetime is our home.   I’ve never really seen a ton of good articles on the cost of home ownership, but having personally owned over a half dozen homes, I can tell you that all homes required their fair share of upkeep.    Even though we may not be in the market to sell our homes, we are constantly watching the sale of our neighbors homes or checking out the prices on websites like Zillow to see where the value of our home stands.     We can convince ourselves that our home is in tip top shape until the time we get an offer on the home contingent on the dreaded home inspection.    A good home inspector gets paid in part to look within every nook and cranny in the house to find out what may be wrong with the property.    After the inspection, we can almost become incensed that the inspector may have found something foundationally wrong or something…

Atlanta Real Estate Trends for 2010

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend the annual ULI Atlanta Emerging Trends in Real Estate seminar. The day was filled with economists and Atlanta developers, like Stephen R. Blank, Dennis P. Lockhart, Ed Baker, Philip B. Beaudette, Randall Evans, Larry L. Gellerstedt III and Gregg Logan, giving their predictions on what to expect from […]

There is a reason 20% down should be required!

For many years, the rule of thumb for first time homebuyers was to put 20% down when you bought your first house. Over the past decade we saw that rule pretty much fade away. Attracted by no money down loans, it was easy to qualify to get into a home that was likely to be several hundred thousand more in value than you could probably afford.

John Adams Finds Good News -Georgia Home Prices Higher Than They Have Ever Been in History

FREE FALL: A Rapid and Uncontrolled Decline by John Adams / from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution TERRIBLE DECLINE IN HOME PRICES NOT HERE YET (But look out!) I recently heard a news report on MSNBC that home values were in a “free fall.” Not being exactly sure what a free fall is, I looked it up. […]