Georgia Residents: Should You Buy A Car This Year or Next Year?

Legislation passed a few weeks ago in the state of Georgia that may make you consider whether it is a good time to buy a car this year in 2012 or wait until after March …

Calling All Students- Credit Card Last Call

In 2008, Sallie Mae reported that 84% of all students had a credit card. The average balance on these cards skyrocketed from $2,169 in 2004 to $3,173 in 2008 according to Sallie Mae. With so many credit card companies parking there tables on college campuses trying to sign kids up for credit cards it caused recent legislation to be enacted in May that will change the credit card game.

10 Important Things You Should Know About the Future of Credit Card Legislation

Beginning this month in August and future months going forward, the credit card accountability responsibility and disclosure act will go into effect and it phases in over roughly the next 13 months. There are many different mandates, but I wanted to share 10 with you that I thought would be of significance as you plan your personal finances.