Summer Camps Mean Money Blues For Mom and Dad

The school year is rapidly approaching graduation season, which means for most parents’ the question of what to do with the kids for summer is looming in front of you.   Summer camps leave kids with memories of sleeping in bunk beds, learning to ride a horse, swing a tennis racket, or the time that their traveling baseball team won the state championship.     For parent’s today the cost of many full time day camps can cost $300 to $500 a week.    Sleep away camps can cost $10,000 or more.   Weekly specialty camps for sports like tennis, swimming, or golf can be extremely costly as well.    For many families, camp is not always a budgeting item that parents’ put as a line item in the beginning of the year.   Camps can often cause a dent in a parents’ cash reserve that they have to make up in the fall just in time to spend money for the holiday season.  What are some ways you can get through the summer season without breaking…

Your Kid Has An I-Phone. . Who Pays The Data Plan?

I’m pretty sure Apple can’t be hurting even though Steve Jobs is not at the helm anymore.   My kid’s went back to school last week and mentioned to meet the glut of Apple products that …

Homebuyers: The “Perfect Storm” is upon you!!

Whether you’re an aspiring homeowner, or a current homeowner thinking of purchasing a different home, January 2010 is giving a whole new meaning to the term “perfect storm”. Here are some great reasons to find a new home after the new year:

10 Reasons Why The Holiday Season Is A Great Time To Sell.

Below is a list of reasons why now is the time to list…. Don’t wait until spring.

Mr. Potato Head

Attention all parents with little ones.  The holiday season is coming, and now could be the time to gear up on buying your stocking stuffers and kiddie gifts.   At www.playskool.com, you can find up to …

Happy Thanksgiving from Duffy Realty of Atlanta

On behalf of Rhonda and Frank Duffy and everyone at Duffy Realty of Atlanta, may you have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season! Happy Thanksgiving and We are Grateful for everyone that is in our lives and the blessings we have received! Sincerely, Duffy Realty