Just One Pen Pal Letter . . . Please

Bills.   Nobody likes getting them in the mail and it’s even less fun for people to have to sit down over the weekend and pay them.    It’s part of the reason why on line bill …

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Is it smart to get tax refund?

Around tax time, we often hear the question, “Is it smart to get a tax refund?”  The answer really falls into the ‘it depends’ category.
In general, I am not a big fan …

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What You Need To Rent A Home or Condo

When you attempt to rent a house, the landlord will most likely ask you to fill out an application.

You should have this stuff with you so that if you are in a pinch to rent the property before someone else does, you can beat them to the punch by having your stuff ready.

1. Have your references – full name, address and phone numbers including work numbers.

2. Know your past employers name, address and phone number.

3. Know how much you make exactly.

4. Know the information of your credit references – account number and payments.

5. Know the address of your previous residences and the full address and zip code.

6. Your bank account information – address, account number etc…

Paperwork that would be good to have to show the landlord. If there are 2 of you applying, you should both supply this information.

1. Your pay stub or tax return.

2. Your credit report – you can pull this from the internet for free.

3. Your criminal history – you can get this for free from the internet.

4. Any credit card bills, utility bills etc.. that would show that you pay your bills on time.