Suze Orman’s New Prepaid Debit Card – Is it really a good thing for consumers?

It’s official.   Suze Orman is now in the game of selling financial products to consumers.    This past week she launched her new card called “The Approved Card” which is supposed to be a low cost …

Less Real Estate Commission

In another article that I did recently, I talked about less real estate commission but from another point of view. The article was called Atlanta Discount Realtor. In that article I looked at the word discount and we found that Webster’s dictionary defines discount as “something that is less than retail value”. I pointed out […]

How To Make Money On Your Home

Making money on your home is key to many of you. My clients report that they simply would not consider owning a home that they did not make some profit on. The thought of taking a check to closing is repulsive. Here is what I want you to know about making money on your home. […]