Duffy is Great for Buyers, and Sellers

Duffy is Great for Buyers, and Sellers Working with Duffy and Sarah allowed us to close on the home of our dreams.  They were there every step of the way — good and bad — and stuck with us throughout the entire process.  There should be no hesitation to use Duffy from a buyers perspective […]

Get real with unrealistic sellers Overpriced listings give buyers bargaining chip

In some areas there is a shortage of desirable, well-priced listings. Sellers who don’t need to sell now are waiting for a better market. Many sellers who would like to sell now have unrealistic expectations about what a buyer would be willing to pay for their home. If you like a listing that is overpriced […]

Myth or reality? Do homes really sell far below list price?

What home buyer wouldn’t be dreaming about getting one of those “great deals” that they have been hearing about for so long now? You know, the cousin of their neighbor’s wife just bought a great place with all the bells and whistles for practically peanuts after making a ridiculously low offer? Because of stories like […]

Gateways with Buyers & Sellers

Gateways with Buyers & Sellers One of the “magical” tools that agents have is the access to set up an email system called a Gateway for clients. Gateways have been favored by both buyers and sellers in the past as a way to look for potential properties to purchase as well as competition that comes […]

That is really unfair to generalize about real estate people

Submitted by Robert W. Morgan on Fri, 09/12/2008 – 4:34am. http://www.thecitizen.com/node/31648/#comment-88163 Sure there are good and bad in every profession, but the Realtors weed out their own bad apples long before they can damage the public or at least they try most of the time. Most of the bad rap they get is because those […]

Using A Quota System In The Real Estate Brokerage

It has been talked about in the industry that agents should be on salary and not on commission. This salary for agents would be paid by the brokerages and then the brokerages would be forced to hire better people and train them. In other words, the brokerages would carry the risk of someone else’s actions, […]

When Will Consumer Confidence Return?

Okay, the numbers show that 97% of the mortgages are being paid. Only 10% of the population have lost their job. Some businesses are doing great. So, when will the consumer confidence come back for buyers and sellers to feel confident about real estate?

Georgia Real Estate NEWS – Buyers and Sellers – Duffy Realty Education Seminars & City Wide Open Houses!

Duffy Realty offers monthly Buyer and Seller seminars to teach Buyers how to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse and Sellers how to Sell quickly for Top Dollar. View THIS MONTHS SEMINARS DATES & Seminar Subjects Click Here to VIEW the Scheduled Events. City Wide OPEN HOUSES on on ALL Duffy Realty Homes! View OPEN HOUSE Schedule Brought […]

Learn Important Facts About The Property You Are Going To Purchase Before You Sign On The Dotted Line

Get A C.L.U.E. From The Seller If You Are A Buyer There is an unknown tool that most buyers and sellers don’t know about that helps with the real estate transaction. The C.L.U.E. report provides invaluable information about the prospective property to both buyers and sellers in different ways. A C.L.U.E. (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) […]