Unheard of Listing Commission of 7/8ths of 1% with DUFFY Owners that are Expert Agents

All commissions are paid at closing out of your proceeds.  The Closing attorney takes care of the disbursement of commission to the agents.  If you would like to advertise your property with professional photos (luxury package for homes is $175.00; land is $250.00) or have a lockbox (rental is $100.00) for licensed agents that are supervised by a real estate broker, both of those options are paid at the time of listing and last until sold.

All of us! 5 Expert Owner Agents are better than 1 Agent only. ALWAYS.  We are at the office during our business hours, 365 days of the year to help you maximize your profit.

If No Buyer’s Agent, No Buyer’s Agent Commission

DUFFY’s listing commission is only 7/8ths of 1% (.0088 of the sales price.) 

We built DUFFY with the rights of a for sale by owner and the guidance and marketing of a real estate agent.  DUFFY is the best of both worlds.  Our clients state that with our guidance and marketing tools, they exceeded what they would have made as a for sale by owner by driving more traffic to their property; and they did it without the stress of being alone. PLUS they had the expert guidance of seasoned DUFFY Owner Agents who helped every step of the way

Same Marketing, More Rights, Proven Results

Yes, except we don’t charge ridiculous commissions that are calculated at $800.00 per hour on average.

Yes. DUFFY has discounted prices with other companies but you are not obligated to use them.  Most clients choose the $175.00 package for a home and $250.00 for land that includes a drone fly-over.

DUFFY does recommend both lockboxes for your convenience. Not all agents have Supra access, and the combination lockbox allows you to let in vendors if needed as well or have a crazy schedule.


The Supra Lockbox is an electronic lockbox made for active licensed agents that are supervised by a real estate broker.  The lockbox records the data of when and who opened the lockbox to retrieve your key(s) found in a chamber at the bottom of the box..  The lockbox opens at 9 a.m. and is non-operational after 9 p.m.  DUFFY rents lockboxes for $100.00 for the entire length of your listing and until your property is sold.  

A Combination Lockbox is purchased at most hardware stores. The code is set by you, the owner, and given out to agents with a confirmed showing. DUFFY cannot track the activity from this type of lockbox

DUFFY provides 1 yard sign and 1 directional sign.  Once you determine your list date in your Listing Agreement, we will deliver your signs within 7 days. 

 Buyer’s agents expect to make 3% of the sales price for a home, condo or townhome.  5% of the sales price for land.  However, as a seller right, this is where we differ from other companies.  You are able to list with DUFFY and offer anywhere between 1% and the sky’s the limit. 3% is the most typical amount offered.  Once you have an offer, you must pay the amount listed on the listing at the time.  

No problem.  Send an email request for our files and we will send back a confirmation of the change made. 

Our average may differ from other companies because as a seller right at DUFFY we allow you to test the market on the top end of your price.  However, we know the formula to sell a home.  It is location, price and condition.  We can always adjust the price based on price and condition and get a fast days on market.  We know how to sell property.  More importantly, we know how to maximize profit.

Some people believe that interest rates, the economy and whether school is out or in makes the difference when selling a property.  However, homes are sold every day of the year.  Period.  When you decide to sell, that is the time to list.  With DUFFY you can test the market. 

DUFFY and 90% of all real estate brokerages use Showing Time.  Showing Time is a centralized showing service that schedules, gets permission and tracks showings for Sellers.  You have many options with Showing Time to give permission, let all showings occur and even restrict when showings are allowed.  It is a simple and stress free solution to what used to be chaos.  Of course access will be directed by the fact that you do or not have a lockbox or some way for agents to show your property.

 DUFFY works with Buyer Clients so when we have a match, YES we WILL be showing and selling your home.

 You have 5 Owners of DUFFY with a vested interest in you, that are also licensed real estate agents, working for you. We are available to strategize with you about your listing and we work on contracts 365 days of the year closing over 42,000 homes in 20 years in Metro Atlanta.

FMLS is one of the listing services in the Atlanta area.  You will be listed in FMLS and GAMLS (which is the other one). 

Yes, you can.   A lot of buyers will want their space to walk around with their agent so make sure you are available for questions but not hoovering over them!

Sell at an Even Higher Price

DUFFY will give you a high, mid and low price range. You can choose your price outside or inside of our range, that is your choice. Your timing and circumstances may determine how high you price, but we encourage our sellers to list high if time is not a factor.

Come and Go From the Market

One of your Seller Rights is that you have the flexibility to come and go (as long as you are not under contract with a buyer).  It’s just $150.00 to exit our Agreement.

Our Agreement is 6 months.  We give you the flexibility to come and go (as long as you are not under contract with a buyer).  It’s just $60.00 if you want to transfer or leave the market.   Lockboxes and Photos last until sold. 

Sell, Rent or Lease Purchase at the Same Time

Yes, we can help you find someone that meets your criteria for renting or lease purchase.  Ask for details.

Skilled Negotiation & Legal Compliance

The closing attorney is a requirement in Georgia.  Most buyers use the 12 year relationship DUFFY preferred closing attorney, Jim Coyle.  Attorney costs are part of the closing costs (not commission) that is negotiated between the buyer and seller in any transaction.   Appraisers are hired by the buyer’s lender if there is a mortgage and by the buyer if they are paying cash.

Lender fees, Transfers of Title, Closing Attorney, Appraisal and your Mortgage Payoff fees.  Closing costs are negotiated during the contract and will be taken from your proceeds at closing and will be listed on your closing statement.  Closing costs are negotiated as an amount, not a percentage of the sales price.

All offers, whether sent by an agent or your unrepresented buyer, are sent to our Contracts Department.  We will review the offer, make our recommendations, and then send the offers to you to discuss together.  We have made this process simple and it works for everyone from the first time seller to the seasoned investors.  We are here to answer any question and to strategize. Our Timeline has helped make this process super simple!  We have built a process that helps us choose the BEST 2 solid buyers.  Yes, we said 2.  More on that later after you are a client. 

 The buyer’s agent may add a time limit to the offer for your response before the contract would be deemed invalid.  If you can’t make the time limit or it is tight when we receive it, we will ask for more time.  

Yes, we will!  And, we know how to make things work in your favor, ethically and legally.

 The Closing Attorney, just like any other brokerage.  We handle all the paperwork from start to finish for your contract.  They handle the financials and title.

DUFFY Realty Vision and Mission Statement