The DUFFY Difference

DUFFY wants to make this process easy for you. Our methods have proven to offer protection, security, results, savings and advantages to our clients.


There are steps to buy a home. We prepare you for those steps in advance. So while, some of this may seem like a real pain, if you are a serious buyer they are absolutely necessary. Sellers want proof that the person they spent time cleaning for and accommodating their schedule for is ready, willing and able to purchase their home. 


Proof of Buying is vital. This proves to the agent and to the seller that you have your money together and you are ABLE to purchase a property. Any good agent will require this from you before you view a home. It is your lender letter or a recent bank statement showing proof of the funds. 


In Georgia, the commissions are paid by the Seller and are negotiated at the time of the listing agreement with the Listing Agent. Representation is free to the buyer, but in fact can cost you money without representation. You don’t know what you don’t know!

I Want to Partner with DUFFY for 1.5% of the Sales Price: Cash at Closing Please!

Learn More About the Home You Called About

I do NOT Want to Work with an Agent

I Just Want to Make an Offer Directly to the Seller

I am Investor and Want IN on this Commission Sharing

  • I will use the Timeline to Request Showings, Comparables and Make a Purchase Offer and to Protect Myself.
  • If I see a home with another agent, I will not be eligible for the DUFFY Buyer Client Incentive.

  • DUFFY represents me as a Client when I see homes with DUFFY.

  • I will upload a Proof of Buying Letter before I request to see a property.

  • I understand that to receive any portion of the DUFFY Buyer Incentive the commission offered must be at least 2% to the Buyer’s Agent and the purchase price of the property must be $100,000 or higher. DUFFY may not offer the incentive if these are not met.

  • I have read the Commission Splits below.

  • I understand that 4 blind offers equals 1 showing that counts toward my Incentive Share.

  • I understand if my offer or contract becomes very complicated (examples: Owner Financing, Unusual Requests, etc) that DUFFY may not be able to share the full incentive and that I will be notified of this as soon as DUFFY makes this determination.

  • I agree to give DUFFY 3 reviews on the sites requested by DUFFY to receive the Buyer Incentive