There are often two main motivations for homeowners to update the décor in their homes: they want to improve the lifestyle for their family, or they are preparing to list the property on the real estate market. Whether or not you are planning to move, it is essential that you consider the latest trends for your home décor.

Here are some of the most popular trends that are all the rage in 2018:

Simplicity and Clean Lines

Rather than over-filling the room with too many décor pieces, keep it simple with a few statement items. Some of the renovation trends are focused on clean, basic designs that add a touch of class without old-world finishes.

Shaker-style cabinets are out. Now, people are leaning towards flat-panel designs with minimal hardware. These cabinets are often designed with light wood coloring, or painted with a darker hue to contrast darker walls as mentioned in the next section.

Darker, Bolder Colors

White has been trendy for quite some time. Now, designers are leaning towards the darker colors to add more expression to the room. For example, instead of refinishing your bathroom and kitchen cabinets with white paint, consider black, forest green, or a deep shade of navy blue.

At the same time, many people are choosing neutral colors for the walls. Add contrast by choosing a light beige for the walls, then adding the darker colors as embellishments for the room.

Floral Prints

Not only are people wearing more floral clothing, but they are also incorporating these patterns into their homes. Bold, floral prints add life and excitement to the room. Designers are using these floral prints on accent items throughout the room, such as throw pillows, chairs, and draperies.

Matte Metal

Stainless steel has been the most common choice in recent years. While the trends are staying with the silver accents, more people are selecting matte finishes instead of the shiny silver. These matte elements can be incorporated on appliances, cabinet hardware, countertop décor, curtain rods, and more.

Open Shelving

If you are decorating a bookshelf or open shelves in the kitchen, think about the items that are both functional and stylish. The dishes can add a pop of color to the room, and open shelving creates the perfect platform for the storage of these dishes.

Open shelving is great because it maximizes storage space while creating an illusion of open space in the room. This design doesn’t require as much room as traditional cabinets and storage areas.

Are you planning to sell your home? Or maybe you are buying a fixer-upper? Consider the benefits of talking to a real estate agent to learn more about the ways these renovations will impact the value of your property.

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