Buyer Morse gives DUFFY a 5-star review on Google, Zillow, and BBB after buying a home with DUFFY

Buyer Morse buys home in Kennesaw and gets $5,370.00 of Duffy's Commission

The Morse Story:  James and Sydney sold a home with DUFFY and kept $8,000.00 in their pocket because they did not waste listing commission.  Then, they purchased a home using DUFFY’s Timeline and got a check for $5,370.00 from the commission that DUFFY got as a buyer’s agent.  

It really was that simple.  As our buyer, you make part of our commission when we are your agent.  The seller pays the buyer’s agent so working with us costs you nothing.  And, at DUFFY you get so many Buyer Rights that teach you how to be smart with the purchase.  The consequence of not utilizing our service is that you may experience Buyer’s Remorse.  See the list of rights that our buyers get and they get to make part of our commission when we are your agent.

DUFFY has a proprietary 8-Step Buyer Action Timeline that keeps everyone on track.  It offers peace of mind because it is laid out in plan that once you finish one step, you never go back to it.  If you read the testimonials on Google, Zillow, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau you will find many people talking about the ease of buying the DUFFY Timeline that is so special to their purchase.


Buying with DUFFY has it's benefits

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