Moving is always a mammoth task to undertake. In light of the challenges, many people decide their best chance of success is to hire professional movers. But while this certainly has its advantages, it also has its drawbacks. DIY moving also has pluses and minuses. So, what exactly should you consider when deciding whether to give it a go or hire a pro? Here are some quick thoughts on the matter.

Pros of Moving Yourself

  • Lower Cost: Generally speaking, the price of doing your own pack and move job is less than the cost of hiring professional movers. This becomes even more apparent when moving long distances.
  • Schedule: Doing your own move means you get complete control of the move schedule — no need to work around the mover’s availability.
  • Control: You get full control of how things are packed and handled. No one will ever take as much care of your belongings as you.
  • Scam Avoidance: No need to worry about potential moving fraud committed by unscrupulous moving scammers. Your belongings are always within your care.

Cons of Moving Yourself

  • Hard Work: Moving takes a lot of physical work. It’s demanding on your body and your time.
  • Risk of Injury: DIY moving can result in bodily injuries, such as strained muscles and twisted ankles.
  • Inexperience: Do you know how to pack fragile items properly? Or load and tie down your belongings in a truck? If not, you could do more costly damage than you realize.

Pros of Hiring Movers

  • Time Is Yours: Hiring the professional movers means you get to use your time doing other important tasks.
  • Less Responsibility: The care and keeping of your items is committed into the hands of professionals.
  • Save Your Body: Other physically capable individuals will do the heavy lifting and packing.
  • Experience: Good moving companies know what they’re doing. You may not.

Cons of Hiring a Mover

  • Higher Cost: Hiring a moving company isn’t cheap. Costs can add up fast.
  • Trust Factor: You have to hand over everything you own to total strangers. Can you trust them to take good care of your things?
  • Scams Happen: What if the company you hire is dishonest? You could lose your belongings entirely, or be scammed for more money than agreed upon.
  • Schedule Constraints: Your options for move dates are limited to what is available.

Whether you plan to tackle the job yourself or outsource the effort to professional movers, there’s a lot of work to be done. If any part of your move involves selling your property, there are trustworthy experts in Atlanta that can help. DUFFY Realty is just such a company. Call on our team of experts for the support you need without adding to the burden of your move concerns. To our way of thinking and doing business, your needs are our first priority. Call us today to schedule a time to talk with a real estate professional: (678) 318-1700.