Before Closing

1. Order your optional survey within 7 days of closing.

2. Decide if you want owner’s title insurance. Tell the closing attorney at closing or before.

3. Order Homeowner’s Insurance – call the closing attorney at least 7 days before closing with your insurance agent’s name and phone number.
Hand deliver the original policy to closing.

4. Get your cashier’s check – Closing attorneys are not allowed to take personal checks higher than $ 4,999.00. So, just take a cashier’s check made payable to yourself for any amount to be safe. You will endorse the check to the law firm at closing. The law does not allow any of the following: out of state attorney’s checks, money market checks, credit union checks or any title company checks, in or out of the state of Georgia.

Most attorneys will take a local attorney’s escrow check from a prior closing.

Bring With You To Closing:

 Your Cashier’s Check

 Checkbook in case there is a small difference in the amount of the certified check that you brought.

 If you sold your home to purchase this one, take your settlement statement from the sale.

 Your Purchase and Sale Agreement with any Addendum’s

 Your Original Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

 Your Driver’s License

 An additional ID with a photo on it

 Confirmation of all earnest money paid by you before closing

 Final loan amount and the specifics of your loan along with your mortgage person’s cell phone number in case they are not there and there is an issue with the loan that is being presented.

Things For You To Tell The Attorney

If the sales price has changed since the initial contract or you change your loan amount, or you paid more earnest money, please let the attorney know this to compute your bottom line.

Power of Attorney

If you are going to have a power of attorney, the attorney will have to approve the form and only your Lender can decide whether a POA can be used for your closing.

Georgia is very, very specific about what a power of attorney must say and how it is signed, even down to the color of ink (BLUE!). Having the wrong form will stop a closing in it’s tracks. The closing attorney needs to approve the POA (if they didn’t prepare it for you) in advance and remember, your Lender has to approve it too.

Alert! General Powers of Attorney typically do not contain the proper language nor do forms purchased at bookstores, Home Depot, office supply stores, etc. (buyers have tried this before only to be left in temporary housing for a day or two). Please don’t risk this!

How Long Is Closing?

Most closings take between 45 to 60 minutes. Please arrive a little early to answer any remaining questions that the attorney may have for you.