I’m not a financier and I can’t predict what our economy will do.  This article is about Good News! I do know from my own personal experiences.  Things are changing and for the better. My husband and I have been married for the past 31 years, and the past 30 my husband has been in the used car business. Last Fall 09 he saw the worst months ever since he has been in the business. Our end to 2009 was not a pretty picture, as well as most of the people we know.
I have to say that 2010 has brought a most appreciated and welcome change for us both.  Only 2 months have past in the year and we have seen tremendous change. The last week of February alone the listing team at Duffy Realty listed 50+ properties, we haven’t seen weekly numbers that high in a while. Plus I myself have had a rise in the number of people paying CASH for their listing. Yeah! screw the credit cards and their enormous & ridiculous fees. Plus, in February my husband had his second best month ever(30 years) in the used car business. His lot looks as though he is going out of business, typically his inventory is  50-60 cars and now he is down to maybe 20.
Now, I know some of this increase is tax money, we do see an rise in sales during tax time. This is more than that, I think people are tired of sitting on the fence and not spending. We all want our economy to get back to some kind of normalcy, our comfort zone. If we start spending we put people back to work,  it’s that simple.
So far 2010 has been good to us. The first 2 months have been better than the last 6 on 09. That’s huge!  Let’s all ban together and make 2010 the year that we the people make a change. Go out and spend some of you hard earned CASH , I am!

We hope you like our article on Good News!

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