St. Patrick’s Day is drawing near, and many families are looking for ways to add green to their traditions for the week. When you are preparing to don green clothing and share corned beef and hash with your kids, it is also a great time to consider the green that can be added to your home.

The weather is starting to warm up, making it the perfect time of year to address the landscaping needs in your yard. A few small changes can go a long way to boost your curb appeal and improve the quality of the yard.

Follow these tips to add green to your landscaping without feeling the need to spend a Pot o’ Gold on the costs.

Trim the Dead Branches

Before you add more green, you need to get rid of the brown patches on the bushes, trees, and flower beds. It is common for bare patches to show up after the colder months. Trimming back these patches will improve the overall vitality of the tree or bush. Cutting the dead areas will stimulate growth in the healthy parts of the plant.

Fertilize the Lawn

The lawn is the largest section of green in front of your house. Add a little bit of fertilizer to brighten the color and make it lush and welcoming to visitors. Talk to a landscaping pro for personalized recommendations regarding the products and mineral balances that will work best for your yard. Find dead spots of grass in the yard and add a little seed to promote growth in those areas.

Use Different Leaves, Sizes, and Texture

There is no reason why every bush and tree needs to be the same in your yard. Look for variations that will bring in a variety of textures and depths. Consider both annual and perennial plants to create variety each year.

Plant New Trees

Planting trees offer a great investment for your yard. These features start small, but they grow to become big, beautiful shade features to protect your home from the sun. Choose trees that flower in the spring so that you can enjoy a pop of color before the leaves grow in each year. Also, consider evergreen styles that will maintain the green in the yard regardless of the temperatures outside.

Add Potted Plants

Just because you have a small yard doesn’t mean that you can’t increase the green spaces. Add potted plants on the front and back patios. These plants can be placed in decorative pots on the ground. Also, consider the benefits of hanging baskets to improve the appearance without taking up a lot of space.

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