Spring break is drawing near, which means that many families are looking at vacation destinations or fun local activities to enjoy while the kids are out of school. This break from the daily routine provides the perfect opportunity to build relationships with your family. The lasting memories will create the foundation that you need to stay close to the people that you love.

What are your plans for spring break? If you need a few ideas, consider some of these options:

Go to the Beach

A little bit of sunshine and surf can be a great way to spend the week with your family. Load up the car to road trip to a beach destination here in the US. Or, consider a quick trip to Mexico or the Bahamas if you want a Caribbean getaway.

Stay away from the college party destinations, such as Cancun. Instead, choose a family-friendly resort. Avoid the budget hotels and stick with a nicer property if you want to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing trip without the college crowd.

National Parks

Many National Parks in the United States are worth exploring. Head to the local parks near Atlanta, or road trip to visit the Great Smoky Mountains. Hop on a plane to visit the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park.

If you choose a mountain area, you might be able to catch a few runs down the ski hill at a popular resort in the area. Put the kids in ski school for the day so that you can share a fun hobby together.


Spending time in nature is a great way to disconnect from the busy routine. Pull out the camping gear or rent an RV for a few days for a comfortable stay at a local campground. Don’t forget to bring the fishing poles so that you can enjoy the nearby lakes and catch dinner for the evening.

Volunteer Opportunities

Do you want to teach your kids about kindness and charity? Look for local volunteer opportunities. You can visit a homeless shelter or an outreach program in the area. Or, stay in your neighborhood and help with yard care, litter pickup, or house maintenance for a family in need. Create positive memories as a family and lift other people at the same time.

Backyard Party

If the weather cooperates, consider planning a backyard event for the neighborhood. A party can be the perfect solution to fire up the grill and build friendships with other people in the neighborhood. Plan a potluck style event where everyone can bring a dish to contribute to the meal.

House Hunting

Do you have the dream to move into a new home with your family? Spend your spring break looking at new homes together. Our team here at DUFFY Realty can show you around the area, helping you choose the perfect property that will match the needs of your family. Call to learn more about the real estate services that are available: (678) 318-1700

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