As you heard me speak of today on Real Estate Insight with Ilyce Glink, talking to the neighbors is key and critical to your success of making a good buying decision when purchasing a home. In this article we talk about Why You Should Talk To The Neighbors.
First lets start with why you should talk to the neighbors. Neighbors, although they may attempt to not be nosey, they know everything. One time in my own neighborhood, although I did not know the people that lived there, I noticed that there were people there with hazmat masks and suits on for over one week unloading and cleaning the house.
We have also had the FBI do a stakeout on a neighbor’s house and arrest the occupants for counterfeiting. We have had two suicides in the homes and a guy arrested for child porn. All of these things have happened in a quiet suburbia neighborhood of only 58 homes in the 600K and above price range on a private golf course. Who would have thought? Well that is why unsuspecting buyers have continued to purchase in our little haven without knowledge until they go to the neighborhood party on various occasions and they learn that the previous owner in the home failed to tell them that the basement flooded and was left unoccupied for a year or so so that it caused major mold problems so bad that a recovery team had to come in. Would you like to know this before you make a 600K investment?
So here is the game plan on talking to the neighbors…
Once you have decided on the home that you want to purchase, make sure that you visit the neighbors to get all of the scoop. Ask any question that comes to your mind, but here are some serious questions to ask. Go to at least 3 neighbors and do not make an offer until you talk to at least 3 to get the scoop.
1. How is the neighborhood association; strict, crazy or what?
2. Are there any assessments coming in the future?
3. How is the construction on the homes in the neighborhood?
4. Is there any crime in the neighborhood?
5. Is the neighborhood social?
6. How are the amenities?
7. Why are the neighbors (house you are looking at) moving?
8. Have they had any trouble with their house that you know of?
9. Is there anything that would prevent you from buying your own home again?
10. And anything else you want to know.
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We hope you enjoyed this article about Why You Should Talk To The Neighbors.
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