Selling your home while you have pets, may cause you to wonder how you will get your house sold. Pets limit the amount of showings that you can take, they limit the amount of people who will want to buy your home and they limit the amount of money you will get for your home.  In this article we will discuss How to Overcome the Pet Issues That Buyers Have With Your Home.
In this article, I will give you solutions to the problems that pets cause when you have your home on the market. I am going to be talking mainly about dogs and cats, but you can apply this information to really any pet.
How to Overcome the Pet Issues That Buyers Have With Your Home:
Aggressive Pets: Aggressive pets bring an air of negativity to the home. Aggressive could mean a non-stop barking dog, aggressive cat that attacks or a dog that will bite anything that it can get it’s mouth on. Aggressive pets must be removed from the home during a showing. Period.
Smelly Pets: Anyone who has owned a pet knows that pet stink. They stink because they have accidents, they bring dirt into the home and they lay on furniture while they are dirty. Make sure that you have taken every precaution to get rid of any odor in your carpets, furniture and drapery. There are many people who will bring their own pets into the home when they purchase your home, but they don’t want your pet in their home. Most likely you will not be able to detect an odor yourself, you are immune. However, if you smell the carpet carefully, and you find that there is an odor, you must do everything possible to remove the odor. And, don’t remove the odor by simply covering the odor. You can buy enzymes and a black light to eat anything that you find from the area. Just spot-check first before you let the enzymes go to work.
Hair of the Pet: All hair must also be removed from the home. Remember that buyers are finicky. They will bring their own pet in, but they don’t want your pet there. All hair must be removed. If you only have 10 minutes before a showing, let the hair roller be the first thing that you use.
Pick up all the Poop: Animals have a tendency to use the bathroom anywhere that is most inconvenient, like around the front door or back door. Make sure that all of this is picked up. The worst case scenario is that your buyer will step in it, and track through your house. No, the worst case scenario is that they will think that you are a slob and not pursue keeping your home sanitary and clean. Remember that buyers are finicky. This is why so many buyers buy a new home. Your home can not disclose any used areas. It must be completely clean and fresh.
Don’t add Pets to Your Listing: One mistake that people make is to add Pets to their Listing; call first so we can put up the dog, aggressive dog, don’t let the cats out etc… This turns many buyers off before they ever see your house. Be very discreet about the fact that you have animals. Leave instructions for handling your pets in a note to be kept in the lock box.
Remove any Chewed Areas: You would not believe how many houses have or have had dogs or cats that tore up the window and doorsills. This all has to be covered or removed. People sense this unconsciously or consciously the same as they would if they saw a hole that you had punched in the wall during a fight. They see this as a destructive action upon the home that they are going to buy. This is the biggest turn-off for many buyers.
Clean your Pet and Make Them Seem Special: If you can not remove your pets from the home, you must keep your pets clean and make it appear to be a benefit not a negative. Make them very clean, very special.
Medicated Animals: If you have a dog or cat that takes a lot of medicine, hide this is a very hidden place. Many buyers perceive that your animal has or had uncontrollable events in all kinds of places in the home or has something your pets could catch. This is a turn-off.
Lawn Perception: Make sure that any hot spots in your grass are covered. Fill any dug holes in the yard and make sure that if you have a fence, the fence is mended.
If you become aware that not every buyer loves the idea that you had a pet on the premises and that not every dog lover loves your dog, it becomes easier for you to control your environment and get your house sold quickly. Most houses that take longer to sell are homes that pet owners have abused by allowing the pet to take charge of the surroundings.
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We hope that you enjoyed How to Overcome the Pet Issues That Buyers Have With Your Home.