Here lies the problem for many people. One neighborhood in Cumming Georgia was surprised when a Lowes was built looking down on their home and the security lights of the shopping center were over their homes all night. Someone else I know was shocked to find that a public school was slated to go at the end of their street that they had built a 2 million dollar house on. In this article we will discuss What If There Is Land Around The House That Is Not Built On?  So, what do you do?

  1. Talk to the neighbors to see what they know about the land.

2. Go to the county and see how the land is classified and if they know of any plans to build.

3. Check your agent’s map book to see if anything is slated there. The school that I was talking about in the above story had been slated there for 10 years.

4. If there is a farm house or something else there, go talk to the owner and see what their plans are and how much land they own.

5. If no one lives there, get your agent to pull the tax records and attempt to call the owner to see what the plans are.

6. If it is green space for the neighborhood, make sure that you verify that with the home owner’s association or on-site agent and ask plenty of questions. You would certainly be shocked if future plans included a playground, or common amenities that brought people and cars to your home ona daily basis if you did not know about it.

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