Via Karen Bernetti, CT Realtor & Home Stager (The Home Team Advantage, LLC):
Many sellers know that they should de-personalize the house they’re selling, yet many will admit that they don’t really understand WHY it’s necessary.  The following are just a few good reasons …  In this article we will discuss Top 10 Reasons to De-Personalize Your Home Part 2.
10.  Packing away your personal belongings, especially those that are valuable, will protect them from theft and breakage.  Be sure to pack away antiques, artwork, jewels, and money and place in safe storage.  Most buyers are truly not interested in these things, but it’s still a good idea to keep them protected from less scrupulous visitors.  Same thing goes for medications – perscription AND over-the-counter!
Top 10 Reasons to De-Personalize Your Home Part 2.
9.   Buyers need to imagine themselves living in your house.  It’s difficult for them to visualize themselves celebrating the holidays in your dining room, when they’re surrounded by photos of YOUR family.  Make it EASY for your buyers to feel at home in your space and they just might be more inclined to make a decision to purchase faster!
8.   Buyers tend to get very distracted by things that are NOT for sale.  When they’re looking at your stuff they are no longer noticing your house.  How do you want buyers to remember your house at the end of a long day of house-hunting?  As the one with the deep purple master bedroom and cow themed kitchen (or worse)?  Or as the one with great wood floors and spacious closets?  Keep them focused on and remembering the architectural features of the house – not your things.
7.   Packing up your personal things helps you jump-start the very important process of emotionally detaching from your home.  Your negotiating position will be strengthened significantly by removing the items that keep you emotionally connected to your home.  Try to treat the sale of your house like the business transaction that it is – free from emotion and nostalgia.
6.    Buyers often feel like intruders.  De-personalizing your space will ease the awkward feelings prospects have about entering and previewing a stranger’s home.  One of the BEST ways to de-personalize your home is to take yourself out of it – literally – so be sure to LEAVE when it is being shown.
We hope that you enjoyed Top 10 Reasons to De-Personalize Your Home Part 2.