When you lay down to sleep at night, can you rest easy to know that your family is protected? There are many safe neighborhoods in the Atlanta area, but it is always a good idea to proactively protect your home to avoid unwanted entry. Here are a few things that you can do to protect the safety of your family:

Assess the Lighting Inside and around Your Home

Proper lighting is essential to deter intruders because good lighting makes it harder to sneak in undetected. If lights are on in the evening, then it will appear as though someone is home. When you are off for a fun family vacation, consider the benefits of setting up timers for a few lamps, so that they turn on and off each day. Don’t make the mistake of leaving the lights on 24 hours a day though, which could attract potential burglars if they see the lights on during the day.

Outside, you might consider installing motion sensor flood lights that activate when someone walks into the area. If someone approaches the home and the lights turn on, then it increases the likelihood that they will turn around and leave.

Digital Security Systems

There are some amazing security systems that can be used to improve the safety of your home. These systems can be managed from your smartphone, giving you updates and notifications every time a door or window opens. Other features include motion sensors or timers that can be tripped if someone is in the home when the alarm is on.

Change the Locks

When you buy a home, the seller will hand over the keys, and you are ready to move in. But, it is a good idea to change the locks as soon as possible. You never know who still has a copy of the key! The previous owner could have provided keys to friends or family, giving people access to your home if the locks are left in place.

You can take the door handles and deadbolts to a local hardware store, and they will switch out the locks for a reasonable price. Also, consider installing lock reinforcements on the doors, such as a door brace that can only be locked and unlocked from the inside.

Don’t forget to turn the locks, even when you are at home! It only takes a moment for someone to enter the home if your back is turned. So, it is a good idea to get in the habit of always locking the doors. Approximately 50% of the time, intruders come in through the front or back door, so you can reduce the likelihood of intrusion by keeping those doors locked down.

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