Are you willing to buy a house sight unseen? If you are preparing to move your family across state lines or to another area that is far from your current home, then it might feel like a challenge to search for a home to purchase. There are many resources online to look at homes that are available, but most people prefer to walk through the properties before submitting an offer.

Fast-Moving Real Estate Market

You might not have the luxury of an in-home tour if you aren’t in the local area. At the same time, it might not make sense to wait on the offer until you see the home, because properties are selling so fast in the current market.

When offers are rolling in fast and the sellers are motivated to move, you are forced to act without delay. You probably don’t have time to fly to the Atlanta area to view properties, which is why you need a trusted real estate team on the ground to oversee your home search. Buying a house sight unseen can be a scary experience because it is hard to evaluate the property through photos and written words. But, there is no reason to worry if you have the right assistance with the search and transaction.

Assistance from the Best Real Estate Team

The good news is that you can work with a trusted real estate team, knowing that your agent has your best interests in mind. Even if you can’t be present to see the homes in person, it is possible to shop the real estate market with the assistance of your agent.

The first step is to hire a team with a good reputation in the local industry: DUFFY Realty. Then, you need to put together a list of must-haves and wishes for your new family home. These details will be evaluated as your agent helps you search through the listings that are available. You can look at online photos to see images of the home, or also work with the agent to Facetime or Skype so that you can see a real-time walkthrough if desired.

Should You Buy a House without Seeing it First?

Buying a home is a big investment, which is why our team always encourages an in-person tour before offering and closing on the deal. But, there are situations when you might not be present to view the home, which is when you need to lean on the services offered on the ground.

We are working hard to provide the best real estate services in the industry. Whether you are buying or selling a home in Atlanta, we invite you to contact us so that you can tap into the expertise that we offer. Our team has an unblemished reputation as the leading real estate group in the area, and we invite you to contact us for the assistance that you need. DUFFY Realty is here to help: (678) 318-1700

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