This article is about Scheduling The Movers – Know Your Options
Remember that your Purchase and Sale Agreement allows for a seven day unilateral extension. This means that you should know what the penalties and options are for your moving plans. You can also rent PODs to hold your furniture.
Here is advice from Clark Howard:
  • Get a binding estimate in advance specifying the cost of your move.
  • In your contract, require the mover to pay a penalty if he doesn’t deliver your belongings on or before a specific date.
  • Buy replacement value insurance on your possessions, in case something breaks during the move.
  • Before you choose a moving company, get a clear understanding from that mover what happens if something is broken that you’ve packed yourself.
  • When the mover drops off your furniture at your new residence, do not sign the release form until you’ve examined your furniture piece by piece.
  • If you want to risk your back and move yourself, be careful about what packing materials you buy for the move. You’ll generally do better renting the truck from the rental company and buying your boxes and other materials somewhere else.
  • To save money on truck rentals, move during mid-month or during the week.
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