In this article we talk about Holding an Open House.
1. Buy signs from Home Depot or Lowes that say OPEN HOUSE. FMLS sells Open House signs as well- .
Put the price of your home on the open house sign (i.e. 400K).
2. Hold your Open House any day and time that you are home by putting your signs at the front of your subdivision and in front of your home.
3. Invite your guests into the home, but do not follow them around.
4. Be available to answer questions. Don’t ask too many questions yourself.
**If you are uncomfortable with the prospect, when you open the door say “I was just about to pull the sign. Let me get your name and number and I will call you back for a more convenient time for both of us.
**Keep pen and paper at the front entrance way to take names of numbers of all guests before they enter the home.
What Should I Expect From an Open House?
Unless you state on your open house sign the price of your home, expect that most of the people who come into your home don’t know your price. So, you can’t really count them as buyers.
Sometimes owners get no traffic. Most of the time owners report 3 to 4 couples in a few hours time.
Many owners have sold their home from an open house.
Remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. If you leave your home consistently open, you will have a better chance of selling your home to someone that is not working with an agent. There are thousands of dollars to be made!
We hope you enjoyed this article about Holding an Open House.
-Rhonda Duffy