Feel free to place any additional advertising that you think is helpful to your marketing strategy. Placing a Newspaper Ad, don’t forget the local papers indigenous to your county or city. They often produce more results at less prices.
When you run ads expect hundreds of agents to solicit you for your listing. There will be so many agents soliciting you that you might even be rude to your buyer mistakenly. In this article we will discuss Placing a Newspaper Ad.
If you run an ad, you can run the ad as the owner and place your phone number in the ad.
Here is a typical ad for a typical home that I would suggest you run:
Lovely home in friendly n’hd with lively swim/tennis.
Quiet cul-de-sac w/level yard & prettiest home on street – ours. 770-396-2542.
You may want to let the calls go to your voice mail that you can screen. That way you can be nice to the buyers when you return their call. On your voice mail tell them that they can view interior photos of your home at Realtor.com. Look for FMLS #________________. That way agents will leave you alone because they will know that you have to be listed to be on Realtor.com. Buyers on the other hand are not sure about all of that and will still have interest in you as a for sale by owner.
I don’t think that print ads are the prevailing way that buyers search for homes anymore. After all, who wants to read a bunch of ads in price ranges that are not applicable and they can’t search by and see no photos when they can search the internet with far less effort. We hope you enjoyed this article on Placing a Newspaper Ad.
-Rhonda Duffy