It is exciting to move into a new home, but many homeowners agree that it takes time before the new property starts to feel like home. Between the stress of moving and the impact these changes can have on your family, it is essential that you take a proactive approach to creating a safe and comfortable environment for your kids.

These are a few ways that you can set the right energy in your home and create the perfect space for family memories:

Saging a Home

Is there negative energy in your home? Even though everything might look fine, it is possible that something feels a little “off.” Negative energy could have been picked up from the previous homeowners or contractors that helped in the home. There is no reason that your family should have to deal with this negative energy. In fact, it is important to clear the home energy as quickly as possible so that you can drive away the negative vibrations and create a comfortable home.

You can find different saging rituals online, or you might even bring in someone who can perform the ceremony for you. This ritual often includes a lit sage stick that drifts light smoke which helps to clear the energy. Walk through each room in the home with the sage stick. It is also helpful to say positive affirmations to set the right tone for each room.

Prayer or Blessing on a Home

If you are religious or spiritual, then you might have the desire to have a prayer or blessing put on the home. This ritual creates a sacred space for your family, helping to drive away negative forces from the outside world.

The prayer can be a family event, or you might ask a preacher or spiritual leader to come into the home to perform it for you. An example of a home blessing prayer might be something like this statement: “Bless this home and everyone within to feel the calming peace and energy that reside within these walls. Please fill the rooms with love and light, bringing in the highest positive energy for our family.”

House Warming Party

Don’t forget to plan a party with your close friends and family. A house warming party is an excellent way to set the tone for the fun memories that you want to create within the walls of your home. This event will bring in the fun energy that you want to share with the people that you love.

Since you have the perfect home for your family, it makes sense that you should share the space with other people that are in your extended family. Plan a backyard barbecue or a morning waffle bar to celebrate and bring joyous emotions into your home.

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