The internet has created many opportunities for you to learn more about a property before you decide to buy a home. Have you recently found a home that you are interested in, and you want to discover more details about the property? Consider the benefits of Googling the address before you make your decision.

Here are several benefits that you can enjoy by taking a few minutes to search for information about your property:

1. Find Potential Health Concerns

It is essential that you are proactive to protect the health of your family. You need to avoid certain health concerns, especially since your family will be spending so much time together in the home. An online search can help you find information such as drug labs or other health hazards. In fact, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration keeps a database to track the homes that were identified as drug labs. This information can help you avoid a move into a meth house. Even if it was cleaned up, there still might be traces that could have a negative impact on the health of your family.

2. Future Growth in the Area

If you are trying to move to a quieter area, then it can be beneficial to check if future growth is scheduled for your neighborhood. You might find out that a road will be expanding to create a thoroughfare for traffic. Or, you could uncover information about a new neighborhood that will be going into the empty space next door. Look at online building permits and applications to see if you can learn more about the future growth of the area.

3. Look at “Street View”

Google Maps offers a “street view” in most areas, which can give you a view of what the outside of the home looks like. Additionally, it can be beneficial to get a feel for the neighboring homes. By taking a virtual tour through the neighborhood, you will be able to see the style of homes. You can see if the property is near a busy street, whether there are convenience stores nearby, or if your kids will be able to walk to school.

Keep in mind that the street view images might be a few years old. A lot can change with time, so the house that you want to buy might look a little different now. The street view can give you a general idea, but you still need to go through an in-person tour of the home to see what it looks like before you buy.

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