Have you recently found the home of your dreams? Even if you find a real estate property that seems perfect for your family, it is essential that you do your due diligence to be sure that it is a high-quality home. Be open to changing your mind in case something is discovered that could have a negative impact on the value or quality of the home.

These are three deal breakers that you should be watching for… don’t be hesitant to change your plans if any of these concerns pop up:

1. Failed Inspection

After you have made an offer on a home, you will have the opportunity to bring in an inspector to identify potential problems with the property. This step is essential because there might be underlying issues that could cost you thousands of dollars in repair.

If the inspector identifies a big problem such as structural issues, a terrible infestation, or poor quality building materials, then you might re-think your decision. These factors don’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t purchase the home. But, you need to be aware that you might be pouring more money into the home to ensure the quality for your family.

2. Floor Plan

The curb appeal might look great, but how does it feel to walk through the home? The layout matters especially since the floorplan will have a direct impact on the comfort and happiness of your family. Look for features that matter to you and keep looking at other homes if you are going to have to make a big sacrifice.

For example, if you want a spacious, open kitchen for entertaining, then don’t make the mistake of settling for a property with a closed-off kitchen. Some buyers rationalize that they can make some changes to the home later on, without realizing the cost of major renovations.

Consider the expenses that will incur if you want to open up a closed floor plan. You might choose to move forward with the purchase if you are ok with these costs. Or, you might decide to keep looking for a property that will be better suited for your family.

3. Lot Placement

How is the home positioned on the lot? Older homes were positioned closer to the road, which limits the amount of space in the front yard. Home position matters especially if the property is located on a busy road.

If the home is too close to the road, then you might hear the buzz of traffic during all hours of the day and night. Also, consider the way the home is positioned in relation to the neighbors. If you prefer privacy, then you need to find a property that has a little more space between houses.

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