When buyers come to your home it is critical to know how to talk to them. Here are some guidelines that will help you connect to them and pass along the fond memories that you have collected over the years in your home. In this article we will discuss How to Talk to Buyers Who View your Home.
Start the process by telling the buyers that you are going to let them walk through first and then you will take them on a quick tour and let them know the important things about the home that brings value to the home.
Rule 1 – Don’t ask personal questions like:
Where do you live now?
Have you sold your home yet?
Can you afford my home?
What do you do for a living?
Rule 2 – Don’t follow them around on their heels. It is perfectly okay to know where your buyers are in your house, but they need space to see the home.
Rule 3 – Don’t talk during the walk-through. Let them ask you questions. They don’t need a tour guide on the first round.
Rule 4 – Make your tour for them reflective of important things that they can’t see or that are not obvious that brings value to your price. You can also add cards to the areas of the home that you have added upgrades. Hang them on the wall.
Rule 5 – Get their phone number and ask them when you can follow-up to see if they have interest.
Rule 6 – Call all buyers back if you add an incentive or lower your price.
Rule 7 – Hand all buyers a letter that you have written to them as potential buyers wherein you have answered any questions or objections that they may have about the home.
Rule 8 – You might consider putting your photos and flyer on a CD and giving this to your buyer.
Rule 9 – Feed the buyer cookies or something if you can during the visit and have them sit down. Talk about your family cookie recipe, your family etc… not about their house hunt.
Rule 10 – Sitting down brings me to my last suggestion, tell the buyer to please sit in each of your rooms so that they can see the rooms from all angles.
Rule 11 – If you are having a second showing, ask your best neighbor to stop in and say hi to you so that you can introduce them to the neighbor.
The point to all of this is that you should allow buyers to connect to your home and somewhat to you. Buyers want an emotional connection that allows them to feel confident in their house purchase. Avoid your own curiosity to ask questions and put on a show instead!
If you are showing your home and an agent is there with the buyers, still follow these rules if you are home.
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We hope you enjoyed this article about How to Talk to Buyers Who View your Home.